Friday, December 4, 2009

Still plugging along and doing well

Nutrisystem is providing me the Nutrisystem food free of charge for my weight loss journey. The compensation received will never influence the content of my posts. No other form compensation has been offered or given.

So here we go another 2 weeks and another pound! Even with all the holiday nonsense, Nutrisystem has helped me lose a pound. I am so excited because I wasn't sure how I would fare during Thanksgiving but I did pretty well.

Okay, I am down 14 pounds now and still need 1 more to go to reach 15. It's going slow and steady. I wish it was faster but it isn't and I have to just keep doing what I am doing and continue on the journey.

Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. The worst part was the drive up to Ohio. We had Fritos and Cheetos in the car and I found myself digging into the bag one too many times. Plus, we ate fast food and that is always not good. I was good at Mickey D's though and had a cheeseburger instead of a Quarter Pounder. At Burger King, I had the mini sliders instead of a whopper.

Thanksgiving was not too bad. The big cheat of the night was half a slice of cake. I am a cake fanatic and miss that. Though Nutrisystem does have a pound cake and chocolate cake on the program, there is nothing like calorie-laden cake. But mainly I stuck to my basic rule of portion control which is one tablespoon of whatever is there. I had a little turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and potatoes. I ate slowly and tried not to snack on anything else. I did take some Nutrisystem snacks but once back at the hotel those freaking Fritos and Cheetos called to me and I gave into the Fritos. Evil, evil Fritos how I hate thee! Die Fritos! But you are so yummy! Okay, enough.

So yes, I gave in but again the portion control lesson I am learning is serving me well. While the weight loss is slow, there is weight loss. I am wondering if this will be the first holiday season where I don't gain weight. Wouldn't that be the most fantastic thing? Woo Nutrisysytem!


  1. Oh you are so lucky!!!! I used Nutrisystem decades ago. I did fairly well on the plan too. The only reason why I stopped was because I was a struggling college student and I couldn't afford the foods anymore.

    I wish I could try it again. Lord knows I need to loose A LOT of weight.

    Good for you for teaming up with Nutrisystem. I wish I had such luck.

  2. Glad to hear that it is going good, if slow.

  3. You are doing so well with this. Even though you had Fritos (which I'm sad to say I had last night), I'll still bet you had far less than you would have prior to going on NutriSystem!

    You rock!

  4. That is FABULOUS Carolyn! You've lost the same amount I put on (think it may have been the cheese flan!)LOL But seriously you go girl!