Thursday, January 28, 2010

Been Sick

I haven't been around much and probably won't be for a few days. I have been dealing with some health issues that have been a bummer. At least I found out what is wrong and now I am on medication to see if it helps. The meds make me sleepy and tired. I am also off my Nutrisystem since I don't feel much like eating anyway. I have sort of lost my appetite which is good and bad.

The next few days I am taking it easy until the meds are done and hopefully I am better. BLAH!!


  1. Ugh, feel better soon! All of us here have nasty chesty coughs. Makes for sleepless nights. =(

  2. That stinks. I hope you feel better soon, Carolyn.

  3. Hope you feel better Carolyn. Rest, drink lots of fluids and cojelo con take it easy (Like my Papi used to say)