Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Ocean Isle Inn Adventure

As you know, I was away this past weekend at the Ocean Isle Inn. If you went to my other blog, The Art of Random Willynillyness, you saw my crazy Vlogs (video blogs). Boy I like vlogging because it is so much easier to do one than to write a blog post. Plus, they show a lot more than I can with pictures but I swear I look like a demented troll on camera so I might do more here but not include myself in them!

Anyway, I was invited to Ocean Isle Inn on what I call a blogger junket. We were invited to check out the Inn and see what it has to offer. Now this was a Mommy Blogger event but I was also invited although many of you know I am not a mommy. I always appreciate being invited and accepted although I have no children. And I find that I am always welcomed and that is important. I am so glad I went because I really enjoyed my stay at the Ocean Isle Inn and the surrounding areas. The Inn is really nice and it is right on the beach so it makes for a wonderful place to stay.

Before the event, I got an email from the Social Media director of Ocean Isle Inn, Tracy Spencer, asking if I could pick up another blogger on my way down to Ocean Isle and I agreed. I had never met Maricris from Zen Mama Adventures but I thought it would be nice to have a travel companion because the rise was a long way from the mountains.

The ride to Ocean Isle was great but long. It was made longer because the GPS that Maricris had took us a roundabout way on the highways instead of the back roads. But we made finally made it around 5pm and it was beautiful. After settling in, we went downstairs to have a little wine and cheese and then we headed out to the mainland to grab some Mexican food because we had missed lunch. We went to Las Palmeras restaurant and it was delish.

We went back to our rooms after dinner to get some rest for the next day. On Saturday morning we got to meet the rest of the bloggers who were there. Malise from Carolina Mama, Jen from One Moms World and later on Molly from Go Mom Inc. joined us. We had a breakfast meeting with the General Manager or "Coach" Lee Shapiro and the fabulous, Tracy. They explained to us what was going on at the Inn. They gave us a little history. They spoke to us about the wonderful amenities and the improvements being done to the Inn. They also told us about all the cool attractions not only on Ocean Isle but the surrounding areas. It was quite informative.

After our meeting, we met up with Malise and Jen's families who were so nice and we all walked over to the Museum of Coastal Carolina which is about 2 blocks from the Inn. The museum is tiny but it was really cool. If you have kids, it is a fantastic place because they have interactive exhibits. My favorite part was the cool touch tank where they had fish, crabs and starfish. I touched a Starfish that looked nothing like Patrick from Spongebob but it was cool nonetheless. My favorite fish was a little puffer looking fish that when I took a picture gave me the stink eye like Shawn does. WTH? It looked really pissed off. Whatever, Puffy!

After the museum, we walked over to Cinellis Restaurant. Peter, the owner, had opened the restaurant just for us which I thought was so great. He also gave us a complimentary meal and drinks. The food was fantastic. I tried to be good and ordered Chicken and veggies. Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was not as healthy but that is a whole other post. The portions were HUGE and the food was delish. The service was great and the company was excellent. I thought is was so nice of him to host us.

By this time, I was stuffed and ready for a nap. But we had one more stop for the day. We all headed back to the Inn and got in the cars because we were also invited over to the Ingram Planetarium. Now I hadn't been to a Planetarium for decades. When I lived in L.A. we would go to the Griffith Observatory sometimes for the midnight shows where they played Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd music while you sat there and watched the light shows. Good times! WOO!

But this was a little more tame. We did see this cartoon on the myth behind Orion. And it was cool. Then they showed us a picture of the area that showed the whole sky in the area. Then they time lapsed it with all the stars and moon and planets and basically it was pretty neat. I think I can now find Orion in the sky!! Again, if you have kids they would love this place.

After the Planetarium, we went back to the Ocean Isle Inn to rest up for the Tweet Up at 7 p.m. Okay, I know many of you have no idea what the heck I am talking about. If you don't know about Twitter, I am sad for you but I understand, you just aren't in social media. You might want to do a quick search or ask one of your geeky friends to explain.

Anyway, because we were at Ocean Isle and our followers are all over the country and some all over the world we all met on Twitter and chatted about the Ocean Isle Inn and we gave out prizes and had a party online. It's hard to explain this Twitter thing if you never been on it but it's great. So we had a rocking Twitter party and the Inn supplied the pizza and salad and we had a great time.

By the end of the night, I was dead beat tired. And let me tell you that although it was chilly, there was nothing like going back up to the room and listening to the surf and the rain outside.

The next morning, I got up and went out to the beach because the sun was out. It was cold and windy but I wanted to walk on the beach. It was fantastic. I wish Tom had been able to come because I know he would have totally loved it. Then I went back to the Inn where I had breakfast with the rest of the bloggers and their families. Malise and Molly left after breakfast. Maricris and I had decided to drive over to Wilmington and check out the U.S.S. Battleship North Carolina. Boy that was a great decision.

It was so cool. I actually made some videos because the pictures don't do it justice.

We walked all over that ship and got to see everything. The mess halls, store, bunks, bathrooms, the captain's quarters and everything else. It was really cool. The funny part is you all know I am lazier than sin but I walked my butt off that day. The stairs are killers because they are like tiny and I have bad luck on stairs so I had to be super duper careful. Maricris said the ship had been featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters and, of course, that intrigued me because you know I love all that ghostly and spiritual stuff. I didn't see any ghosts but the ship was incredible. Anyway, we spent hours there just exploring and luckily the day turned out to be warm and sunny.

We were tired but hungry so we headed over the bridge to Wilmington. We didn't see much of Wilmington but from what I saw, it looked pretty cool. It had old historical houses and a cute downtown area near the water. When I go back to the Ocean Isle Inn and, I will, I would love to explore more of Wilmington. We finally found a little restaurant called Paddy's Hollow and had a great lunch and had a great time talking.

Then it was back to the Ocean Isle Inn where we relaxed until we went downstairs for another mini-tweet up and they were so nice to provide some cold cuts and chips for us. That was great because we were so tired there was no way we wanted to get back in the car and drive out to dinner. After the tweet up, I retreated back to my room to pack up my stuff and watch the Golden Globes! Yippee skippy!! If you know me, you know I am a celebrity geek and love all things Hollywood. So when Award season comes around, I am all over the award shows.

I got up early Monday morning and had breakfast and then it was back in the car to drive to Charlotte to drop off Maricris and then drive back to good ol' Sylva. The drive was uneventful. The highlight was that once I dropped off Maricris, I got a little hungry and had to find some lunch and I spotted a Jack in the Box. Okay, I know, I know Nutrisystem but I never ever get to eat at Jack in Box and I love their tacos. When I say love, I mean that love I have for those yummy Fritos as well. So I stopped and had 2. YUMMO! It was heaven.

I either underestimated the time it would take me to get home or I was speeding to beat Jesus because I got home early! It was nice to be home. It's always nice to be home and see Tom and the babies. Yay!

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Ocean Isle Inn. It is a great place for a vacation. I know I will go back with Tom because I know he will love it. And I have to say that the ladies who were here this weekend were so nice and I am so glad I got to meet them. Lee and Tracy and the whole staff at Ocean Isle Inn were friendly and so wonderful. It was a terrific little break!! Thanks to everyone at Ocean Isle Inn and to the wonderful ladies who attended!!

Here are some other pictures I couldn't work into the post:

Disclosure: As part of my review, I received a stay at the Ocean Isle Inn. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product. My opinions have not been influenced by the product given.


  1. Wow! It sounds like the Ocean Isle Inn knows how to treat their guests! It also sounds a lot more fun that the 4 days of snow we've had here in Maine! I'm glad you had such a good w/e and I loved your pictures! I think they may have warmed me up a degree or two! ;-)

  2. Yikes! That wind is nasty! I enjoyed every moment of that trip and knowing you. It was total fun! See u in 3 weeks!

  3. What a great time it appeared to be! I'm actually jealous!!! You didn't look like a demented troll, my friend. Sheesh.

  4. great pictures!!! i love that little puffer fish! and the wine and cheese...mmmm! wind is better than snow....any old day!