Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, I have news. I got a job! I was thinking I would never find a fundraising job around this area but something came up after I got back from Disney.

It is exactly what I used to do and the job description fit me to a T. I am the new Director of Development for a foundation in a nearby town. I won't give too many details because I like to keep my professional life and personal life separate, for now. The drive is about 45 minutes each way and that is the downfall but it is a job that I am excited about it and I think it will work out.

Everyone there seemed really nice and the position is a new one so I have a lot of flexibilty in making it my own. We will see what happens. The bad part is I will not have time to update my blog. I might also have to give up my review blog although I can just cut back and do a few reviews a month.

The other bad part is that my garden might suffer this year. I will have time on the weekends and evenings but my plans to enlarge it might not be in the cards this year. I guess I can have a smaller more efficient garden if I work at it. I know I will definitely have tomatoes because I can't give them up.

But I will still try to post 3 times a week if I can.


  1. The good thing is that you seem happy to begin and will love what you are doing. At some point you'll be able to gradually include blogging and gardening etc.

    It will flow.


  2. Good luck! Hope it all works out well for you.

  3. Yes, I can feel happiness by reading your post. It might take a couple of weeks to get back to a routine but hope you'll find the way to bloggy balance.


  4. Congratulations! I'm so glad you found something that you are excited about and fits you so perfectly... drop in and keep us posted!

  5. Congrats!! It sounds like an amazing job. How super exciting. I am so happy for you.

    I initially gave up reviewing when I started job searching. At this point I don't even have time to write personal blog entries but once every one to two weeks.

  6. Congrats!!!!
    It sounds like you're really excited and are just trying to sort things out. You Will! Give yourself some time with your new job and then you'll be able to get back into a routine with the blog & reviews.

    Your readership will be fine. You garden will be fine. So do a little happy dance!

    [I'm doing one for you over here in New York!]


  7. Congrats on the new job! It is hard to combine work and parenting and blogging! I haven't updated my blog in a week because I had lots of work this week!

  8. Congrats on the new job!!! I'm sooooo happy for you Carolyn!

    In the beginning, it will take some getting used to with the blog and the job but once you do I'll be here waiting for you ;)

    Suerte and Felicidades!