Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing Really Going On

I finally feel better. Last week's cold was horrible. I still have some stuffiness and a little crud but I am over the worst of it. The sun is shining again as well and this weekend when I picked up Tom at the Asheville Airport, it was 60 degrees! I couldn't believe it. It had been so long since I was in 60 degree weather.

I am excited because although it might be a few months, Spring is coming! I am already stating to plan my new garden. I am going to double the size of the garden just so I can have more space between the plants.

I realized one of my mistakes last year was to plant my tomato plants to close together and I didn't have enough support for them. They grew so big! I also want to make sure I plant only what I need and want to eat. No more experimenting.

Anyway, it is still too soon to actually be thinking about my garden but the last few days have gotten me excited about the coming Spring and Summer!!


  1. Since I am your stalker can I come to NC and stalk your garden? GOR GEOUS!! The bounty looks absolutely fabulous. I totally miss my CSA now...cry! So glad you are feeling better because I think I have your crud...and it SUX! ((HUGS))