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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Polynesian and much needed rest

Today was great. First breakfast with Guy Kawasaki and he talked about Twitter and other stuff. He rocked. I never even know who he was but now I know why people love him. But the creepiest thing is that he looks exactly like my ex-brother in law, Joji. It was freaky because I kept thinking it was Joji.

After that we went to a Volunteer recognition reception at Epcot. THen we had a few hours on our own. I hit the Magic Kingdom for a few hours then I pooped out so came back to the Poly for a little rest before dinner.

Here is a video of the hotel area.


  1. AAAH! My net is acting up but I'm dying to see the Joji doppelganger.

  2. I will post the side by side pics tomorrow. I swear maybe I am just a nut but Guy reminded me of Joji a decade ago. Don't tell Joji that. hee