Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

I wanted to show you our first day here at the beach. I love this beach. After my freak accident at a beach in Costa Rica where my back got broken, I avoid the the beach. When I went to Cancun last year, I stepped in the water and freaked out a little because there were waves. This beach has no big waves so it is perfect. I was in all day and never once freaked out. We stayed out for hours, got a little sunburn and relaxed. Then came back to the room, relaxed more and then went out again in the afternoon. Tonight we will have a good dinner and relax some more. This is exactly what we needed, especially Tom. I relaxed for a year so I can't complain.

I did see something wonky in the video. I scratch my nose with my middle finger so it looks like I am flipping my tens of readers off but I would never do that. LOL Tomorrow I might vlog around the hotel. Enjoy!

p.s. Thank you Melody for taking care of our babies while we are away!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello from the Dominican Republic!

It has become my tradition to vlog my hotel rooms wherever I go so here goes. We are in the Dominican Republic. I will do a more thorough blog on our trip when I get home. But somehow we ended up at this resort in Juan Dolio about 30-40 minutes from Santo Domingo. The resort is older and not that fancy but we walked around and the it has 2 pools and the beach right outside our door. Somehow we got lucky and ended up in an ocean view room. We weren't expecting that because when we booked through, we had been set for a garden view. But we got lucky and ended up in the room we did.

SO here is the vlog for the room. We expect to do nothing else this week except get some sun and relax. It's HOT! It's like 90 degrees. I don't even remember the last time I was in 90 degree weather and even though it's humid, it's nice not being cold!

I am hoping we do a mini trip into Santo Domingo because I have heard good things about this wonderful old city. I will actually do another vlog if we do! Enjoy.

Will be gone for a few days

I have been such a slacker with my blogs lately but I am finding it hard to try and keep up with everything since now I have about 8 hours less per day!! By the time I get home and try to make dinner and eat, I only have a few hours to try and catch up with email, Twitter and Facebook!

I am still trying to find the balance between work and blogging but I haven't. I know I will. But even then, there is not much going on around here. Work is good and although I need a few more weeks to feel totally comfortable, so far so good.

One of the great tings is that the school the foundation raises money for has Spring Break so that meant I got it off too since there will be no one there at all. As luck would have it, Tom also has Spring Break off too. We had planned to go to Memphis and see Graceland and then go to Tunica Mississippi to do some gambling but Tom got crazy and said he wanted to go to a beach.

We found a package from Atlanta to the Dominican Republic so we will be flying off tomorrow. Now neither of us has ever been to the Dominican Republic so I am not sure what to expect. But it's cool because it's a new place for us! YAY! I figure as long as we have a pool, beach, sun and beer, we are good.

Of course, the cats will hate us because we are leaving them with the house/kitty sitter but oh well. I think they hate me lately since I am not around during the day to give them love on demand and, more importantly, feed them right at 5:00pm or earlier. I think they got used to me being around all the time.

The good thing is that I am taking my Flip camera so I might post some video if we get internet service. If not, then I will post it when I get back. I know y'all love the vlogs!! I was too lazy to schedule any posts so you won't get updates unless I post a video. You should sign up to get my email notices when I post so you will know exactly when I have something up that day.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ The Fishermen

We live in front of a river and this past weekend the fishermen were out. They were all along the river dotting the water like little ants. It was sort of cool. Pictures aren't great but you get the gist.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on diet and work

Nutrisystem is providing me the Nutrisystem food free of charge for my weight loss journey. The compensation received will never influence the content of my posts. No other form compensation has been offered or given.

I know I haven't been very good about blogging lately but I have been super duper busy. Work cuts into my blogging and other things but at least I am making money.

The good thing about work is that it has gotten me back to at least following the Nutrisystem program. It's easy to slip in a Nutrisystem item in my lunch bag. I add a few snacks and I am set. If I ever get back into some sort of groove, I might start making salads as well. But I need to find my routine and that has been tough.

Just as I was getting used to waking up early again, stinky daylight savings comes into the picture and screws everything up. GRR ARGH I hate waking up in the dark. It's just wrong. Plus, I have to be out of the house no later than 7:45 for my 45 minute ride into the mountains. BLAH! I am getting used to it though.

The cool thing is when I leave the sun is coming up and once I hit the top of the mountain, it is really beautiful. Through the mountains, the ride is shady but just as I reach a little town called Glenville, the sun breaks through. So that's a plus. The other thing I am doing is listening to audio books. It will get expensive though so I am looking on eBay and other places for cheap audio books. Tom said there is a Netflix for audio books so I might join. Listening to a book certainly makes the ride easier plus I get to be entertained. Sometimes I get to work or home and don't want to get out of the car because I want to keep listening.

Work is going well. My office is in the library and although it might seem it would be quiet, it isn't. Kids are loud! But the plus is I have my own office, windows and a closet that houses a frig and microwave. So that makes it super duper easy for me to try and stay on the Nutrisystem plan.

I will admit that I have been bad and not been losing weight. I haven't gained the weight I lost back but I need to be more proactive and follow the plan. I think I got bored of the food and once you go off, it's hard to get back on. *Sigh* I think that's my biggest problem right now. I need to just suck it up. But it does help that I am working again because what I bring to work is what I eat.

There are restaurants around but I have to get in the car and drive wherever I need to go. Fast food wise there is only a Wendy's and Subway. But once here, I usually don't want to leave and get in the car until I go home. So, in essence, I have to eat what I bring. The other good thing is I am in a whole different building than the kitchen area so I am not tempted with the tasty treats people seem to bring in.

The biggest issue though is that I love food too much. I want to eat tasty stuff. I want to cook delicious food and then eat it. It's harder now for me to cook during the week and it's funny because when I was working before, I had 30 minute meals I would make. But I have forgotten all those quickie meals. I got used to having all the time in the world to make a meal. Now I have to learn new tricks or remember old ones. I pulled out my crockpot cookbook the other day because a crockpot is a working person's best friend at this point.

April is the last month of my Nutrisystem program so it's either sink or swim at this point. I am going to try and lose the remaining weight but I am not sure I will succeed since I have been a terrible slacker. The good news is that my pants are still loose and if I control what I eat during the day and eat smaller portions at night, I might do it. It may take a while longer but I guess this is a life long process at this point.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I am all about St. Patty's. I am not Irish but deep in my heart I am. WOO! So I thought I would share a picture of us in Ireland in 1997. It was a magical experience. I LOVE Ireland. The people are fantastic and the country was beautiful. I could live there in a heartbeat.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I guess it just depends

So this weekend we had to go into the Big Town: Asheville. It was our Sam's Club Run weekend. Mainly it was to get kitty litter and kitty food since the cats are the bane of our existence.

I had some random gift cards and Tom needed shoes so we went on over to Target. Tom got some new clothes and shoes. I didn't find a thing. I guess a year of not working and trying to budget my money and not spend on stuff I don't need has taught me a lesson on not buying stuff I don't need.

After Target we headed on over to Sears. I need a mini fridge in my office at work so I am looking for one. At Sears though, Tom found some more stuff to buy. I actually found a cute sweater and some cute brown shoes that I will be needing in a few months. Overall, it was a good shopping day.

We then headed off to Downtown Asheville and went to the Thai restaurant we like to visit. YUMMO! Tom got his Green Curry Chicken and I got some Pad Thai. I love love love Pad Thai. It was delish. After lunch it was off to Sam's. It was a freaking madhouse and we basically got the essentials and got out. BLAH!! It's funny because when you live in a small town, you are so not used to so many people. Not even our Walmart ever gets jam packed.

But what is also funny is that I guess it's all about perspective. Last week at work I was talking to some co-workers and when I said I lived in Sylva they were all like, oh the big town down the mountain. I was like WTH? Big Town? Then I laughed because it's true. If you lived in Cashiers (pronounced Cahsers to the locals) Sylva is the big town.

We have a Super Walmart. We have 5 supermarkets including the Super Walmart. We have a downtown that looks like a downtown. We have the County Courthouse, Snappy Lube and every fast-food place imaginable. Cashiers only has a Subway and Wendy's. We have a Lowes and several restaurants. We also have 3 dollar stores, a smallish department store, Western Carolina University, a community college and gas stations up the ying yang. We have a hospital and tons of clinics. We have several beauty salons. We have a lot compared to them. When I looked at it from their perspective, we are the big town.

I never really thought of that. It makes me laugh because when I think Big Town, it's Asheville all the way. It never occurred to me that people would come to our town and be happy about what we had. So I have had to take another look at our small town and realize that we aren't that small after all. And I am thankful we have so much more than other towns do!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on the new job

I wanted to give you an update since I have been and probably will be MIA this week. I started the new job on Monday and it is going well. There is so much to learn and set up because they have not had a Development Director before. Everyone is so super duper nice. The job is casual and it seems to suit my skill set!

The drive is long and I have to get used to driving 45 minutes each way but the drive is through the mountains so it's not so bad. There is usually NO traffic except for a few random trucks. I also drive by waterfalls, the river and a big old lake so it's very beautiful.

Right now I am just learning the job, going to meetings and meeting everyone. So far, so good.

I will try and update more this week!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our New Addition

It's actually a sort of sad addition to the household. The past few months, we had noticed poor Scout was having trouble jumping on our bed to sleep. The poor thing could get up but every so often, she would struggle to make it. We figure Scout is about 15 year old now so the poor thing isn't as spry as she used to be. Well, I saw these stairs and bought them to make her life easier. They have. She now can walk up the stairs into bed and down the stairs to roam the house. She took them right away. Anything that makes her life better, is a good thing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, I have news. I got a job! I was thinking I would never find a fundraising job around this area but something came up after I got back from Disney.

It is exactly what I used to do and the job description fit me to a T. I am the new Director of Development for a foundation in a nearby town. I won't give too many details because I like to keep my professional life and personal life separate, for now. The drive is about 45 minutes each way and that is the downfall but it is a job that I am excited about it and I think it will work out.

Everyone there seemed really nice and the position is a new one so I have a lot of flexibilty in making it my own. We will see what happens. The bad part is I will not have time to update my blog. I might also have to give up my review blog although I can just cut back and do a few reviews a month.

The other bad part is that my garden might suffer this year. I will have time on the weekends and evenings but my plans to enlarge it might not be in the cards this year. I guess I can have a smaller more efficient garden if I work at it. I know I will definitely have tomatoes because I can't give them up.

But I will still try to post 3 times a week if I can.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Here fishy fishy

I was outside the other day and went to the pond to see if Fish was still there. Last year, Fish survived the winter. This year, I'm not so sure. I went out and saw the pond was totally frozen over with a huge block of ice. Fish might be dead or maybe he will live to see another summer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Drive

I am feeling much better although I still have some residual stuffiness and cough from the nasty cold I caught while at Disney. Since I haven't been out for a while, we decided to take a Sunday drive.

Tom found a Cajun restaurant in Franklin. Franklin is a town about 20 minutes from where we live. It's not as big as Asheville but it does have a Kmart and strip malls. It also has more restaurants than Sylva. It also has a kick-ass spice shop. We went once and I bought a lot of goodies. I need to go back soon. But Sunday we wanted something to eat.

The Cajun Connection was pretty good. I am not a huge fan of Cajun food but Tom loves his gumbo, jambalaya, etouffe and all that jazz. Over all, it was pretty good. It is a new place we will go back to when we need our fix. Next door was a little Mexican store where I got some natilla (sour cream) from El Salvador. Yummo! I also bought tortillas, chorizo and flax seed for tea. I also found out they have Menudo on Sundays. So if I ever need a fix, I know where to go now.

After Franklin we decided to take the long way home through Highlands and Cashiers, two little towns in the surrounding area. The drive was nice although it is much prettier in summer. Highlands is the expensive town where rich people have their second homes. I have driven through a couple of time but never stopped. It is a good place to take visitors. The have a nice little downtown area with shops and restaurants.

On the way there, we saw an outlook to something called the Dry Falls. Well these Falls weren't dry but very cool. The picture from Tom's phone does just not do it justice. The Falls were closed although you can see them from the overlook. Some of the Falls were frozen. Yes, it's that cold here. In the summertime, you can actually walk down behind the Falls. I know this is a place we will go back too.

It was a nice day. It is still pretty chilly around here so we didn't do outside but it is always a treat to drive around the area because there is so much to see. And it was a treat to eat out.