Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello from the Dominican Republic!

It has become my tradition to vlog my hotel rooms wherever I go so here goes. We are in the Dominican Republic. I will do a more thorough blog on our trip when I get home. But somehow we ended up at this resort in Juan Dolio about 30-40 minutes from Santo Domingo. The resort is older and not that fancy but we walked around and the it has 2 pools and the beach right outside our door. Somehow we got lucky and ended up in an ocean view room. We weren't expecting that because when we booked through, we had been set for a garden view. But we got lucky and ended up in the room we did.

SO here is the vlog for the room. We expect to do nothing else this week except get some sun and relax. It's HOT! It's like 90 degrees. I don't even remember the last time I was in 90 degree weather and even though it's humid, it's nice not being cold!

I am hoping we do a mini trip into Santo Domingo because I have heard good things about this wonderful old city. I will actually do another vlog if we do! Enjoy.


  1. Oh your such a world class traveler! I envy that 90 degrees weather. Keep us posted on your adventures.

  2. Very nice my friend! Enjoy~

  3. Ahhhhh! I'm SO jealous! Hope you and Tom are having a blast!

  4. Nice room! I'm a little jealous!
    Your husband is surprising accomodating about getting filmed and put up on the internet. My hubby would be having none of that!
    (He's a very private person).

  5. Tell Tom to not avoid the camera so much... lol
    Looks like a wonderful place to be Melody and I are very jealous!!!! Enjoy yourselves and remember your sunblock. Later,
    Will Huddleston (Melody's Husband)