Sunday, March 14, 2010

I guess it just depends

So this weekend we had to go into the Big Town: Asheville. It was our Sam's Club Run weekend. Mainly it was to get kitty litter and kitty food since the cats are the bane of our existence.

I had some random gift cards and Tom needed shoes so we went on over to Target. Tom got some new clothes and shoes. I didn't find a thing. I guess a year of not working and trying to budget my money and not spend on stuff I don't need has taught me a lesson on not buying stuff I don't need.

After Target we headed on over to Sears. I need a mini fridge in my office at work so I am looking for one. At Sears though, Tom found some more stuff to buy. I actually found a cute sweater and some cute brown shoes that I will be needing in a few months. Overall, it was a good shopping day.

We then headed off to Downtown Asheville and went to the Thai restaurant we like to visit. YUMMO! Tom got his Green Curry Chicken and I got some Pad Thai. I love love love Pad Thai. It was delish. After lunch it was off to Sam's. It was a freaking madhouse and we basically got the essentials and got out. BLAH!! It's funny because when you live in a small town, you are so not used to so many people. Not even our Walmart ever gets jam packed.

But what is also funny is that I guess it's all about perspective. Last week at work I was talking to some co-workers and when I said I lived in Sylva they were all like, oh the big town down the mountain. I was like WTH? Big Town? Then I laughed because it's true. If you lived in Cashiers (pronounced Cahsers to the locals) Sylva is the big town.

We have a Super Walmart. We have 5 supermarkets including the Super Walmart. We have a downtown that looks like a downtown. We have the County Courthouse, Snappy Lube and every fast-food place imaginable. Cashiers only has a Subway and Wendy's. We have a Lowes and several restaurants. We also have 3 dollar stores, a smallish department store, Western Carolina University, a community college and gas stations up the ying yang. We have a hospital and tons of clinics. We have several beauty salons. We have a lot compared to them. When I looked at it from their perspective, we are the big town.

I never really thought of that. It makes me laugh because when I think Big Town, it's Asheville all the way. It never occurred to me that people would come to our town and be happy about what we had. So I have had to take another look at our small town and realize that we aren't that small after all. And I am thankful we have so much more than other towns do!


  1. it is all perspective! 5 supermarkets? holey hell! we have one. and i think i live in a big city! lol