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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our New Addition

It's actually a sort of sad addition to the household. The past few months, we had noticed poor Scout was having trouble jumping on our bed to sleep. The poor thing could get up but every so often, she would struggle to make it. We figure Scout is about 15 year old now so the poor thing isn't as spry as she used to be. Well, I saw these stairs and bought them to make her life easier. They have. She now can walk up the stairs into bed and down the stairs to roam the house. She took them right away. Anything that makes her life better, is a good thing.


  1. We should get one of those for our dog. She sleeps on the bed with us at night and is increasingly having a hard time jumping up when we go to bed. That's a very good idea!

  2. You're so sweet to make it easier for your little furry friend!

  3. i have these for my doggie! mostly the cats like to fight over being on the top step though. its a status symbol in my house.

  4. I was about to say the same thing that Babba said, our dog is so small she can't make it up to the 3 foot height of our bed.

    Ah... healing to Scout! Touch therapy can be good for the both of you. Get into your most loving and comforting place and gently pet Scout until calm. Place your hand on that place and let the love flow. Loving touch can be tremendously powerful for dogs, cats, and yes even people. :)

    When you give you receive.

  5. WOOT I got steps for my Jenny Craig needing bulldog so she doesn't throw out her back going in and out the dog door. AWESOME!