Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on diet and work

Nutrisystem is providing me the Nutrisystem food free of charge for my weight loss journey. The compensation received will never influence the content of my posts. No other form compensation has been offered or given.

I know I haven't been very good about blogging lately but I have been super duper busy. Work cuts into my blogging and other things but at least I am making money.

The good thing about work is that it has gotten me back to at least following the Nutrisystem program. It's easy to slip in a Nutrisystem item in my lunch bag. I add a few snacks and I am set. If I ever get back into some sort of groove, I might start making salads as well. But I need to find my routine and that has been tough.

Just as I was getting used to waking up early again, stinky daylight savings comes into the picture and screws everything up. GRR ARGH I hate waking up in the dark. It's just wrong. Plus, I have to be out of the house no later than 7:45 for my 45 minute ride into the mountains. BLAH! I am getting used to it though.

The cool thing is when I leave the sun is coming up and once I hit the top of the mountain, it is really beautiful. Through the mountains, the ride is shady but just as I reach a little town called Glenville, the sun breaks through. So that's a plus. The other thing I am doing is listening to audio books. It will get expensive though so I am looking on eBay and other places for cheap audio books. Tom said there is a Netflix for audio books so I might join. Listening to a book certainly makes the ride easier plus I get to be entertained. Sometimes I get to work or home and don't want to get out of the car because I want to keep listening.

Work is going well. My office is in the library and although it might seem it would be quiet, it isn't. Kids are loud! But the plus is I have my own office, windows and a closet that houses a frig and microwave. So that makes it super duper easy for me to try and stay on the Nutrisystem plan.

I will admit that I have been bad and not been losing weight. I haven't gained the weight I lost back but I need to be more proactive and follow the plan. I think I got bored of the food and once you go off, it's hard to get back on. *Sigh* I think that's my biggest problem right now. I need to just suck it up. But it does help that I am working again because what I bring to work is what I eat.

There are restaurants around but I have to get in the car and drive wherever I need to go. Fast food wise there is only a Wendy's and Subway. But once here, I usually don't want to leave and get in the car until I go home. So, in essence, I have to eat what I bring. The other good thing is I am in a whole different building than the kitchen area so I am not tempted with the tasty treats people seem to bring in.

The biggest issue though is that I love food too much. I want to eat tasty stuff. I want to cook delicious food and then eat it. It's harder now for me to cook during the week and it's funny because when I was working before, I had 30 minute meals I would make. But I have forgotten all those quickie meals. I got used to having all the time in the world to make a meal. Now I have to learn new tricks or remember old ones. I pulled out my crockpot cookbook the other day because a crockpot is a working person's best friend at this point.

April is the last month of my Nutrisystem program so it's either sink or swim at this point. I am going to try and lose the remaining weight but I am not sure I will succeed since I have been a terrible slacker. The good news is that my pants are still loose and if I control what I eat during the day and eat smaller portions at night, I might do it. It may take a while longer but I guess this is a life long process at this point.


  1. You can do it (and I NEED to)!!!

  2. my problem is food too. i can eat tasty stuff that is healthy. but tasty stuff isnt cheese and bread.

    and this is what i keep going back to.

  3. You can do it!! I love food too & need to lose 35 -40 pounds. Back to work tomorrow means back to disciplined healthy eating!! :)