Friday, April 16, 2010

Am I a Failure?

Nutrisystem is providing me the Nutrisystem food free of charge for my weight loss journey. The compensation received will never influence the content of my posts. No other form compensation has been offered or given.

Boy this is terrible as I have been so lax about my diet and the Nutrisystem program. I am going to be completely honest here so bear with me. When I started the program it was great. The first month, I got to choose my own food and because I had been on the program years before, I knew that if I chose foods that I liked, it would work better for me. So I stocked up on burgers and pizza and chocolate and other meals I totally enjoyed.

As the weeks went by, I was sent food. Some of the food packages I received had foods I liked and some that I didn't. I continued the program and lost the 15 pounds. Weeks later, I am still holding the 15 pound weight loss that, for me, is fantastic.

The main problem is that I love food and I love to cook. I would cook for Tom and decide to eat the food I made instead of the Nutrisystem food. Again, I could have made the choice to eat the Nutrisystem food for dinner but I decided not to because I preferred my own food. I did pretty well on breakfast and lunch though. I also learned an important lesson about portion size. You don't have to eat everything put in front of you although you want to.

I learned to eat until I was full and I truly think that has helped me maintain the weight loss. There have been problems along the way besides my obvious love of food and hatred of exercise. The others have been health problems and vacations. I swear I traveled more last year when I wasn't working than when I was. Conferences and vacations do not make a good thing for a program like Nutrisystem. It just doesn't work when you travel. I can take snacks and some meals but for te most part, it's not portable although I am sure people will disagree with me. Again, because I learned to make better food choice and eat less, it has helped me maintain.

The Nutrisystem food sometimes is a big problem. If you don't like what you are eating, you will not want to eat it again. So I kept getting the same food over and over, it got old pretty quick. That's not to say that if any of you tried the program, that would happen to you because you would be able to pick the foods you like and it would help. I love their burgers and pizza and chocolate so if I had that every day, I might have been able to not get bored of the food so quickly.

Overall, I still am glad I got to do the program once again. In fact, now that I am working it is easy to stay on the program most of the day. I either eat or take a breakfast to work and eat that. I have a drawer full of Nutrisystem snacks and fruit. I take my Nutrisystem lunches. Because that is the only food available to me, I eat it and have lost any weight I might have put on during the Dominican trip. I am hoping to continue that until I run out of food. I still go home and make dinner and eat that.

So there you have it. Did I fail? Sort of. I guess I realized Nutrisystem is good for losing a few pounds unless you have the will power to complete the program. Many have done it and I bet they kept the weight off as well. It also will work if you exercise more than I did. I can make excuses all day but the bottom line is that I LOVE food. I love all the good things that are bad for you. I want to eat ice cream, Mexican food, spaghetti, ribs, burgers and all that stuff. I want my food to taste good and be appetizing.

So as I complete my Nutrisystem journey, I think I still have one shipment left, I will continue finishing off my food by using it for breakfast and lunch. I work in a town that only has a Wendy's and Subway and I have to leave campus to get it so I think that's a good thing. Plus, it's so much cheaper not eating fast food everyday! I have learned good lessons, I have lost some weight. I should lose more. Luckily, I am very comfortable in my own skin that I don't stress about it.

The Nutrisystem program works if you stick with it and follow it. I didn't all the time. But that's my issue not the program's. I met a few people online who had lost over 100 pounds on the program and I applaud them because that so rocks. The bottom line is that there is no sure fire method of weight loss that fits everyone's lifestyle. Frankly, the sure way of losing weight is eating less and better and exercising. I know this. I have known this forever. So in the end, I am not a failure just a lazy girl who just doesn't follow that advice. LOL


  1. I COULD NEVER DO IT, ANY OF IT. If have to "nook" it to eat it or peel any film off the ends there for me. I think you did not even come close to failure...15lbs is a ton in my book! Good job I say. And if we all took the advise to eat right, less and excersice more, well we wouldn't look for a quick fix like we all do.

  2. its hard to keep up with a program like that. my sister did jenny craig and had the food sent. I never understood why she didnt find similar foods at the grocery store cus all the nutritional info is on the pkging, and save a buttload of money?

    failure is giving up!

  3. I think you did a great job following the program. You faced a lot of difficulties and rocked it nonetheless!

  4. It is very hard...extremely hard!
    I lost 20 pounds 3 yrs ago and I haven't gain them back!

    You did a good job!!!

    Have a Supah Tuesday!!!.....【ツ】

  5. Oh Carolyn you are no failure. You can't see me but I'm sitting right next to you in the same boat. Keep working at it and hopefully your next weight loss post will be as sunny and victorious as you always appear to me!