Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Okay, I have nothing to write about lately. I can't really write about work because nothing goes on there except work. We aren't doing much lately since weekends are now spent on loads of laundry and me trying to relax yet also trying to keep the house in some sort of order.

I really really really need a cleaning lady. This house is small but it is crazy to try and keep it somewhat clean when I am not here during the week. M blogs are totally suffering because I am just to lazy to keep them up anymore. I also can't cook as much as I would like to either.

Today though I am making some fried chicken because Tom requested it. It is the perfect meal on a Saturday except that the rain is coming in today and tomorrow. It should be pretty good because I make really delish fried chicken!

On Wednesday I was in Asheville at a grant seminar and when I got back home, I found Tom here. It was pretty early but he wasn't feeling well. Then he told me that someone had crashed into our driveway. Okay, it is almost impossible to do that but someone who lives up the street did. I guess she missed the right hand turn, skid into the ditch in front of the driveway and luckily hit our railroad ties and stopped because it might have been worse if she hit the huge sign in front of our house that says Cowan Valley Estates.

When Tom got home the police were here and they seemed as puzzled to how the hell this woman had missed the turn and went into the ditch. Tom said they told him her car was pretty totaled but she was not hurt. When Tom looked at the accident report, he realized the reason she probably crashed was the fact the woman is 90 freaking years old. WTF?

You know more power to you honey but damn turn in the keys if you cannot turn into your street without wiping out. Geez. Luckily, nothing worse happened and we have no damage so that's a good thing. The scary part is that on the other side of the road, very close is the river. She is lucky she ran into the ditch and not the river.

Well, that's all the excitement here. Since it is about to rain, it's time to hunker down, make dinner, watch bad TV, tweet, facebook and do the mountains of laundry! Have a great weekend.


  1. That is just so crazy!! I'm glad things turned out ok.

  2. Wow...that's the kind of excitement that only happens around home, eh? Glad your story ended on a happy note. Hope you have fun this weekend.


  3. That is excitement!!

    Here is a question: why do YOU do all the laundry??

  4. To be fair to Tom, I usually start it and then he helps out in folding and putting away. Actually I used to do all the laundry when I wasn't working so maybe this is better. LOL

  5. wow, Carolyn!! Major excitement!
    BTW, I work full-time, well 72 hours per 2 weeks, and do about 90 % of the laundry! Hubby does about 90% of the cooking, so I guess that it's a trade off!


  6. wow! thats really some excitement! im glad it didnt end in a bad way though!!!