Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Spring has Sprung!

Okay, I have not been blogging because I am just too darn busy. I also have nothing to blog about since I am working and working. Nothing happens really and the weekends are now back to doing housework and grocery shopping and trying to get organized for the next week. Sometimes I miss being home.

But Spring has come to WNC in a big way. It is so beautiful. I might descrbe my drive to work for my readers because it really is nice. I wish I could vlog the drive but it would take 45 minutes! So enjoy a little Spring. I am going to take more pictures this weekend, if it doesn't rain!


  1. Hello lover! So I have not been stalking because I have been working...and working! LOL Love the picture of the flowers! Have a great week lady.

  2. i just love daffodils they are so happy!!!