Monday, May 31, 2010

Costa Rica Trip - Recap

This past week was a tough week. Since I was gone, work was absolutely crazy insane when I got back and I was so super duper busy. Poor Tom had to take me out to dinner a few times this week and eat frozen meals. I was just beat. Then I had tons of reviews on my other blog to complete. So suffice it to say, no Costa Rica updates until now. I am not going to write a big giant post about my trip either because I just don't feel like it. Too much to say but not enough time to do it. Plus, this was a short trip and was about visiting the parental units so we didn't do all that much. So I will write a little recap and post tons of pictures at the end. Pictures are more fun anyway.

As usual, we had to drive out to Atlanta to catch our flight. The flight was long but luckily, I had a good book to read and Tom had his iPad which kept him entertained for hours. When we arrived in Costa Rica, it took us forever to get out of the airport since the power went off and the customs people couldn't do their work. When we finally got out, my sister was there waiting for us. We went to my mom's house and then immediately we all went out to eat at a little restaurant right on the corner called Olio. They are my mom's tenants and have really good fresh food. Yummo. We ate there a few times this trip.

Later on that evening we went to visit my dad and then back to mom's for dinner and to get some sleep. After a delicious breakfast my mom prepared, we relaxed, packed our bags for the beach and then headed out to see my dad again for lunch at one of the best Costa Rican restaurants ever: La Casona de mi Tierra. We were having lunch with my dad and his lifelong friend: Amanzio. It was delish. Then we headed back to my dad's house to visit a little more and then back to mom's to relax and then have dinner.

Monday, we started out to the beach. My cousin Ivette came along. The drive is super duper long because the roads suck. But luckily once we got to our destination: El Velero Hotel in Playa Hermosa, all was well. Tom, Ivette and my sister jumped in the ocean but I didn't. For those who don't know, this was the same beach where a rouge wave knocked me down and I fractured my back in 3 places. It was weird to be back there and I wasn't sure I could go back in. But I do love this hotel. It is right on the beach. The rooms aren't fancy but comfortable. The food there is really good. We realized that we had been coming to that hotel for about 20 years. Once we were all settled in, we had dinner at the hotel and went to bed.

The next day, I did go out and I got into the ocean. I was a little nervous but there were no waves. But after a while, the ocean got a little rougher and I kept seeing waves and it freaked me out. I couldn't stay in. I kept having flashbacks to the accident. So instead, I spent the rest of the day reading on the beach and then in the pool. The pool was safe. Again, we had lunch and dinner and then relaxed some more. Luckily, the hotel had free internets and wi-fi! Love that.

The next morning we had booked a boat to take us snorkeling and for a ride. You can see the vlogs here and here. It was really nice. I didn't snorkel because I have seen Jaws one too many times. But we were able to relax on our own private beach for a while and it was great. After the boat trip, we went back to the hotel and had lunch. Tom went to nap and me, my sister and Ivette hung out in the pool for hours and it was a blast. Once we dried off and showered, we went to dinner and then back to the hotel to hang out. That night there was a huge rainstorm that lasted for hours! But the next morning when we left, it was beautiful and dry.

We arrived in San Jose late afternoon and then went out to dinner and the casino. Friday morning, Tom and I went shopping. We walked (yes, I walked believe it or not) to a local downtown bazaar where they have tons of cool souvenirs for cheap. Then for lunch, we went to see my father for the last time and enjoyed a great lunch at this little restaurant up in the mountains. They make spit-roasted chicken. Oh it is so good and we always eat there with my dad. After lunch we hung out some more and then went back to San Jose. For dinner, I said I wanted chicharrones and we headed off in a huge storm and tons of traffic to eat some. Ivette joined us again and also joining us was my cousin Gustavo. They also had some weird floor show with giant puppets and music. It was interesting in a sort of freaky and disturbing way.

The puppets reminded me of my friend Victoria who would have loved them. It was a great night and the chicharrones were out of this world! I hoarked down a bunch and we had a great time! Back home at my mom's, we started packing because this was our last night.

Saturday, we left Costa Rica. I am always sad to leave but always glad to be going home. It was a short trip but I was glad we got to the beach and I got to see my parents and sister and cousins. The plane trip was uneventful and I was able to get on the internets. I love that!! We had decided to stay in Atlanta that night and not drive home because we wouldn't have made it until after midnight. It was a good decision. Once home, everything was great and the kitties (after a few hours) were happy to see us! Look below for tons of pictures!

Happy Memorial Day

Friday, May 28, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

Before we left to Costa Rica, we took pictures of our newly planted garden. Then the other day, I took some more. Boy have my squash, cucumber and zucchini plants have grown. The tomatoes are doing well and the peppers are growing too! I still haven't decided what else to plant but I will figure something out. Also, I promise a short Costa Rica re-cap soon and lots of pictures. I am so busy with work and with my other blog right now, this one will suffer for a few weeks!