Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gonzalez Family Home

Sunday we went to see the old Gonzalez family home in San Pablo de Heredia. It was pretty sad. The video will show what is left from the plantation my great grandfather and then my grandfather owned. Today it is a shell of a house that has been totally wrecked by years of abuse. I remember when we were little, this house seemed like a mansion to us because all around was land and in the back the land went on forever. I remember trees and rivers and open space. I remember my grandmother, Anita, cooking in the outside kitchen. I remember the chickens that scared the crap out of my sister and me since we were little Los Angeles city girls who had never seen a chicken unless it was wrapped in plastic in the frozen food section of the grocery store. I remember my uncles picking exotic fruits from the trees and letting us try each and every one. I remember sitting down in the huge dining room with stained glass windows and beautiful linens and feasting on all the food our grandmother and aunts would cook for us.

The land around the house was divided up among my dad, aunts and uncles and then onto our cousins. It was chopped up and built on. My dad ended up with the house but he rented it out and slowly it just started losing its glory. I didn't even bother filming the house because it is a hot mess. The only thing left that reminded me of those days were the tiles that were brought over from Spain and somehow survived over a 100 years of being here in Costa Rica. We actually salvaged one tile to bring home. Stupid? Maybe but that tile will forever remind me of the plantation I used to visit when I was little.

It is a shame because the house can no longer be renovated. Whoever buys the property will have to raze the house and build. Nothing will be left but pictures and memories. I am having problems embeding the video so here is the link if you can't see it


  1. what amazing memories!!! you cant take those away

  2. It looks beautiful!! Don't let theme delete your ancestral home.

  3. I LOVE the stained glass windows and those tiles! I have always wanted stained glass windows in some part of my house...