Friday, May 14, 2010

I am off again!

Yes folks, I will be MIA again. We are off to Costa Rica!! Yippee Skippy! We are visiting my parents. Costa Rica is really like my second home. I have been going there since I was knee-high to grasshopper and love it. My sister is now there for a few months so I get to see her too! YAY!

But now that I vlog, you might get some video clips this coming week. I am taking my netbook so I should be able to upload them to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. You won't get my traditional hotel room video but I can vlog about my mom's house where we stay. We only have a week so we will be totally busy.

We have to visit my dad and then we are taking a few days and going to our favorite place: Playa Hermosa. Then we will be in San Jose the rest of the time. We will probably see some of my cousins. I am dying to eat chicharrones and just to hang out with the family.

So don't miss me too much because I might be popping in and out here and leaving pictures or vlogs. WOO!