Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let There be Light - CSN Stores Review

A few weeks ago, I told you that I had the opportunity to review a floor lamp from CSN Stores. I decided on a floor lamp because I really needed one for my office at work. The thing is I really don't mind having a dark office, I actually like it dark and cave-like. But I do need some light to work. I had a little lamp and although it gave off light, many times I needed more. So when I got the opportunity to chose a product to review, I decided on this lamp that has 2 settings. I use one light all day but sometimes when I need more light, I can turn on the reading lamp. As promised, I am posting some pictures of my little and messy office. It's messy because I work so hard!

I actually have 2 windows in my office but I keep the blinds drawn and have only low lights on. I spend a lot of time in my office so I like it comfortable. People who have worked with me before know that I act like a vampire. I like the dark. I shy away from the sun. I hate florescent lighting of any kind. I like low lights and tranquility. That's what I have at my office now.
Since they had never had a Director of Development before and this is a school, there wasn't a really good place for me except for an office in the the library. I really love being in the library. I am surrounded by books, not only in the library area but in my office. I like that because I love books. The librarian is really sweet and we have become fast friends. We also have a little closet where we have our own mini fridge and microwave. That is so handy because I don't have to trek to the other building to heat up my lunch.

It is basic but suits my needs. I have a small desk, a small file cabinet and a giant shelving unit where I can store my supplies. I have a little cork board for my notes and a great view into the library and out the front windows. When school is in, the library can be noisy and there are kids all around. Now in the summer, I am the only one there and I love it.

It is creepy sometimes but if I am the only one on campus, I lock the doors and feel safe. I have the whole place to myself and I like it that way. Now the kids come back in August but by then I may need a little noise and chaos in my life.

I want to thank CSN Stores for my new floor lamp and for showing me the light. If you haven't heard of CSN Stores, it is an online retailer based in Boston that started out in 2002 with two employees and one online shop. CSN Stores has now become one of the top 3 online US retailers of home and office goods with over 400 employees and 200 online stores. They sell stools, cookware, toys, furniture, rugs and you can even find a bathroom sink! Remember to check out CSN stores! They have great items.

So there you have it. This is my little cozy office that I love. Hope you enjoyed seeing where I spend my days now!

Disclosure: I received the floor lamp for review purposes. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product.

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  1. That is a nice lamp! Very good selection. CSN has everything, don't they?