Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More visitors and more veggies!

Okay, for two straight weeks in a row we have had guests. We went months without guests then our house was a flurry of activity. Luckily, they were back to back so I didn't have to clean all that much. I also worked on Saturday, so poor Tom has to do some cleaning. I think I like that! But fat chance it will keep happening. All I can say is I need a cleaning lady.

Oh and I had more squash and cucumbers. A lot more squash and cucumbers. Too many squash and cucumbers. I think I better learn how to make pickles or something because we have cucumbers coming out of the ying-yang.

Our guests this week were Tom's friend Martha, her hubby Steve and their son, Aidan. Tom, Martha and Steve have known each other since their days at Carnegie Mellon. That is probably over 25 years or more.

There were no horrible incidents involved in this visit as there were last weekend when I almost died. This weekend was tranquil compared to that. So after work, I ran to the grocery store and came back and finished cleaning the house.

Martha and Steve were actually in Asheville because Steve invented a game called Askew. He designed it and made some and was selling them in Asheville. Asheville has a street fair of some kind and people go there and sell their wares. So Steve had been there a few weekends in a row and doing quite well. This weekend Martha and Aidan came along and so they decided to see us since we are only an hour from Asheville.

I actually was super lazy and recreated the meal from last week. We had steaks, grilled zucchini and squash, tomato, cucumber and onion salad (onions and cucumbers from the yard) and I cheated and bought potato salad from the store. Yeah, sue me but it looked good and fresh so I decided to be lazy!

After dinner we hung out and chatted all night. Next morning, The Salzman Bed & Breakfast served up a tasty breakfast. Well, I served up a tasty breakfast because Tom didn't do a thing. (I am going to be in so much trouble for writing that, hee) And then the guests were off. Since Aidan is about the age to go college shopping, Tom took them to tour Western Carolina University.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing nothing except making dinner. I got on the computer and then watched TV all afternoon. Tom actually did more gardening but I was too lazy to help!

That was it folks. Next weekend, I am left to my own devices which will include a lot of being lazy and hopefully there will cake involved. WOO!


  1. omg how good would homeade pickles be? yum!

    im in favor of being lazy!

  2. I'm glad you get a weekend of leisure finally! You should do a giveaway for his game or give us a link to purchase it!