Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Could this be a sign?

So I come home from work. There was tons of mail and a few packages outside. I grabbed all my stuff and dragged everything in. Usually I dump it on the desk in the front hall but that was jammed packed full of stuff so I headed to the kitchen to dump it on the counter.

We have little counter space and what was left had, guess what? Yes, squash. Damn squash. Anyhow, I think I better go dump this crap on the dining room table because that for once is clear. I walk into the dining room and place everything on the table. Now our dining room has a perfect view to the front porch, our front yard and the river. It's one of my favorite places.

So I look out and am taking in the view when out of the corner of my eye, I spot something on one of the chairs. So I am all WTH? I look out the glass doors and notice a dead bird right on the chair. Holy Moley!

It sort of freaked me out because it is just laying there as if someone came and put it there. My first thought is the horse head from The Godfather. I mean it is creepy finding dead things. I keep looking out and, of course, my second thought is where is the camera. I had to document the freaky event.

Now if the bird was in the house, I would have been more freaked out. Birds mean death to me. I have no idea why but it probably has to do with the superstitions I grew up hearing. Whether they are true or not, all I know is dead birds can't be a good thing, that's for sure.

Most likely it isn't some random Mafioso leaving me a warning. And hopefully, it isn't a sign from the universe of impending doom. I think what happened was Tweety was flying across the river enjoying a beautiful WNC day and WHAM! flew right into our glass porch doors. It happened last year as well.

Now my predicament is what to do with the bird. Since Tom is not here to just sweep it off the chair onto the porch and into the yard all willy-nilly, I have to decide what to do. I don't want to touch it. I might have to pull a Tom and sweep it off down the stairs. I guess I can leave it there until Tom gets back tomorrow. Who knows.

R.I.P Tweety!


  1. poor bird! maybe it got the bird flu or something normal like that.

    i dont like the "sign" of them flying in the window...i think its just made up hocus pocus!

  2. What in the heck? Totally disinfect that chair when you get it off there, would ya?