Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess What? More Squash!

Tom is back! Yay! And although I picked veggies this week, there was still a boatload left. Because I hate being outdoors and flying insects, I can't really get into the garden to get the veggies underneath the plants because I might get stung.

Just last week I got attacked by a rabid bumblebee running amok. I was picking a green pepper and it came right at me. Luckily, I ducked and it just grazed my hair. I freaked out because it could have gotten stuck in my hair. It was a good thing I had gotten it cut last week.

Anyway, I hate bumblebees, bees and basically any bug that flies so I didn't pick all the veggies. There are some that are probably past their prime but oh well. All I know is that some of our friends are going to have fresh veggies this coming week.


  1. WOW...great green thumb! Our poor garden is over run by weeds. wonder if you can EAT dandelions?

    I DID get stung by a bee last week. Those wasps are VICIOUS!
    I didn't exactly call it a BEE...I called it a "B" and a few other choice words. I HATE bugs!
    I am much happier inside on computer!


  2. What a great load of veggies!!!!!!

  3. Your garden is just full of abundance! I'm so proud of your green thumb!

  4. Wow, Carolyn, those are awesome!!! I wish that I could grow some veggies in our yard in FL like that!