Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day and a Flag Story!

I had posted a stock photo of a flag earlier on but then I decided to take a picture of the flag we put out. This flag has a history behind it. I actually bought it on September 14, 2001.

Tom has always had a flag but somehow when we moved to our house in Boynton Beach, it disappeared. We had moved so many times before that, that it probably got lost in moves. We were without a flag on 9-11.

It was impossible to find flags after 9-11, so we went without one for a few days until I drove by a little flag shop close to our house. Like many businesses, they had closed for a few days after 9-11. But that day I was driving by and noticed that he had put out the OPEN sign. I stopped and got out. There were 2 people already on line when I walked in. Nobody spoke because we all knew why we were there and it was actually quite somber.

I will always remember that the flag maker did not jack up the prices and was selling the flags for what he sold them before 9-11. I think we all appreciated that. When I walked out with my flag, there was a line out the door and cars lining the street. I was one of the lucky ones who got a flag.

So this flag has traveled with us since then. It's funny because when we lived in Santa Fe, we rarely saw flags out on the 4th, 9-11, Memorial Day etc. Here in Sylva, we see a lot more. But we never cared. We put it out anytime it needs to be out. Happy 4th!