Saturday, July 3, 2010

Of Rowan, dolls and brow waxing

Since I worked last Saturday, I left work a little early on Friday. I decided to go get my hair cut and highlighted and have a much needed beauty day.

I also got my brows waxed. I never thought I would be making any appointments ever to get my brows waxed. I had gone 45 years without ever plucking an eyebrow. I had good brows. Sure they were a little bushy but I wasn't even close to Andy Rooney brows, so I never worried. Last year when I went to Mexico with my sister, she talked me into doing it.

Now, most likely any woman reading my blog has done this already. Men, maybe not. Well, let me just say that it hurts like holy hell. I figured that the first time last year would be my last but I was wrong. A few weeks ago, I noticed they grew back, as hair will and it bugged me. So when I decided to get my hair cut, I also decided to do my brows.

My haircut ended up taking 3 hours. I also decided to get highlights. Yes, I got crazy. My hair looks good. Somehow, I always end up with the Jennifer Aniston Friends cut. It's weird. But I like it. The highlights are subtle because I just can't get crazy and get blond chunky highlights. I am too square for that! Of course, my hair looks good now but once I wash it, I will be hard pressed to get it straight again. But at least it's shorter and layered and not looking like a dirty frizzy mop landed on my head.

After my 3 hour beauty adventure, I headed home to grab my camera and I was off again. Now anyone who knows me knows I hate leaving my house. I am an anti-social homebody. But my friend Zan was having a show at a local art gallery called It's By Nature. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

What can I say about Zan? Me and Zan are simpatico. We are so much alike it is frightening. Although she is young enough to be my daughter, we get along really well because I think we both are just a little off and demented. When we met, it was like we had known each other forever. In a lot of ways, she is me 20 something years ago! The other thing about Zan, she is one of the most talented people I have ever met.

Her family has a pottery studio in Dillsboro, Riverwood Pottery. Brant and Karen, her parents, are potters and Karen is also a musician. Check out their site because they do some fantastic stuff! Zan is also a potter and works at WCU in the costume department. She does beautiful work. Zan also makes these extraordinary dolls. I had seen her dolls a few years ago at this same gallery and was blown away. I wanted one so bad.
I hinted to Tom but didn't get one. But in his defense, Tom did buy me one of her pots, which I love. But I always coveted the little fairy dolls. Anyway, Zan made more and had a show and, of course, I had to go. So I slapped on some lip gloss, mascara and with my new hair headed to downtown Sylva.

I am so glad I went. I am posting some photos so you can see her work. My photos do not do her work justice though because the detailing does not show up. She not only made fairies but so many other dolls. She had animal dolls and mermaids. When I walked in and started perusing the exhibit, one caught my eye. I think it was because she was a black cat in a bright plaid skirt. While, I loved the rest I came back to the Rowan, the cat in the plaid skirt knitting.

I bought her. Luckily Tom is out of town because he might have talked me out of it especially since she was a little pricey. But I had to have her in my house. I needed to be able to wake up everyday and see her. I can say, that I am so happy I bought her.

So that was my Friday adventure. I wish I had piles of money because I would have bought all the dolls! This weekend will be spent hopefully doing nothing but I have the usual crap to do. Laundry, cleaning and because Tom is out of town, I have to change the kitty litter and water the garden. I also have to pick any veggies. BLAH! Look below for more of Zan's dolls!!

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  1. 45 yrs with no brow waxing. i went 18 years too long. lol lucky lady!!!

    nothing like a beauty day to make you feel like a million bucks!