Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall is in the Air!

The other morning I stepped out of the house and it was really nice and cool. As I took my 45 minute drive to work, I started noticing trees that were bright green last week were now different. Some trees were already turning a lightly reddish or orangy (I know that's now a real word, sue me). **These pictures were from last year!! It isn't that beautiful yet.

The light through the trees on my drive has changed as well. Some places on the drive that had no light are now getting tiny rays of sunlight pushing through. The top of the mountain is now slightly darker on my drive.

I even turned on my car heater because my feet got chilly. When I got to work and stepped out into the foggy morning it was downright cold. I got chilly as I walked to my office. At work, we already have bushes that are red and orange. The trees are already starting to take on the tinge of yellow around the corners of the leaves.

I am excited because if I had to choose my favorite time of the year, it would be Fall. I really have no idea why I love Fall so much. We never had much of a Fall in Los Angeles growing up. When I lived in Miami, we NEVER had Fall or anything close to it.

But when I watched movies or TV shows and they talked about Fall, it always made my heart skip a beat. I would watch the fantastic colors come across my TV screen and dream of seeing them in person. I finally have the chance here. Here in NC we have four distinct seasons.

Fall to me is cool, crisp weather when I can wear my beloved boots and sweaters. It means I will feel the cool wind caress my cheeks and leave a little sting but never a slap. It means that my hair will feel clean and cold when I come into the house. It means that the mountains around my house will look like they are on fire.

Fall means Halloween and Thanksgiving. It means harvest festivals and leaves falling on the yard like orange, red and yellow snow. It means pumpkins and dried corn stalks. It means comfort food and hot tea.

Oh how I love Fall and I rejoice every time it comes around now.


  1. I wish I could say Fall was in the air in Wisconsin.
    It's a sweltering 93 degrees today and humid doesn't even begin to explain what it feels like.
    Hope the weather continues to be beautiful by you.
    I'm looking forward to some cool Fall temps setting in soon!

  2. What wonderful pictures...I too can hardly wait for the fall :) I already snagged a fabulous pair of boots while school shopping!!