Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random WillyNillyness Cooking Presents: Tacos

Okay, I just have to say I LOVE tacos. I could them everyday and never get tired. Now tacos come in all different forms. You can have hard shell tacos, my fave. Or soft tacos. You can use meat, fish, chorizo, chicken or just veggies. You can add anything to a taco. I think I like tacos because they are will-nilly. There are NO rules when it comes to tacos.

Today I am making them with skirt steak. Now you can also use flank steak or a regular steak but I find that skirt steak works the best. I know I am supposed to write up the recipe but as you know, I can't do that.

You can make this in the crock pot but I am using a heavy pot. I prefer this because I can brown the meat first then add everything in. I think browning the meat gives you a little more flavor. I love this pot because it was my abuelita's pot. I remember when she died, all I asked for was her pots and pans. I didn't want anything else because to me cooking and Abuela Gilda go together like rice and beans. And now every time I use her pots or pans, I remember her.

Anyway, I took one large onion, 4 garlic cloves and a green pepper from the garden and minced them. I took the meat and browned it in the pot. I added the the onion, garlic and pepper to the pot. Added salt and pepper to taste. I also had a little added extra to make it spicy.

When I lived in Santa Fe, I found a love for green chile. Now you can't find green chile around here but before I left Santa Fe, I went to the Flea Market and visited the spice guy there and bought like 2 pounds of green chile powder. I still have tons and love to use it when my food needs a kick!

The next thing I did was add a half of bottle of beer. This is only to give it a little extra added flavor. You can add any type of beer. Just don't add too much because the meat picks up the taste and can then have a little bitter flavor depending on the beer you use.

Now I would love to say that I went to my garden and picked tomatillos and made a fresh tomatillo sauce, but I didn't. I cheated and used a bottle of Herdez Salsa Verde (best damn salsa around). If I had more time I might have made my own salsa but not today!

Then I let the meat simmer for a few hours until it was easy to shred. At this point, you could take the meat, drain it and then fry it up and make vaca frita but that doesn't work well for tacos but it does make an excellent entree.

Packaged taco shells or do I make my own taco shells? That is the question. Today, I opted to fry my own taco shells because I knew it would be tastier. Frying taco shells is a pain in the butt though. I so need a deep fryer!! But it is worth it. Make sure you soften the tortilla first. Since I have a poopy flat electric stove top, I must resort to tossing the tortillas into the microwave for 30 seconds to make them pliable enough to fry. I remember when we were little, my mom would put them directly on the gas burners and turn them with her hands.

Now if I was like the freaking Barefoot Contessa or something, I would make my own tortillas but I do not have the proper equipment. I have been eyeing a tortilla making kit over at for a few years now. I love fresh tortillas! And let me just say that if you have the time, fry up your own because although I use boxed taco shells sometimes, these are better.

The best part of tacos are the taco toppings. Use whatever you like. I, for one, don't like a lot of bells and whistles on my tacos. I like cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole and sometimes tomatoes. I am not a lettuce on the taco type of girl either. It distracts from the whole crunchy yumminess that are tacos.

That's my Sabroso Saturday meal and it was so delicious! Buen Provecho!!


  1. That's a good looking taco! I got inspired and fried tacos tonight. They were so good and not that hard given the taste difference. We just added black beans and salsa today. No time for carne but I am going to try this one next weekend. Yum!

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Your Tacos look SABROSO/DELISH!

    I use store brought tacos and you really cannot add too much to them. They are flimsy and just too skinny! Your taco, on the other hand, looks full and satisfying. I am going to take your advise and fry tortillas next time.

    Btw, I totally understand re: Abuela Gilda pots, I tried to get my Papi's pots but my Mom wanted them. I have to say when I use my pots the food just doesn't taste the same but when I go over to her place and use her pots the food is mouth watering!

    Thanks for joining Sabroso Saturday Caro!


  3. Que rico se ven! Like Ms. Latina I buy the taco shells. Lately though I have been buying the soft ones because they are bigger.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and btw I appreciate the big pics! I'm more a visual person. I like to see how it looks step by step! ;-)

  4. *Drooling*

    OH MAN! These steak tacos you created are marvelous! Chacho! I'll have 2 please. LOL I must try this.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    *Still Drooling*


  5. what about chicken instead? you think that would work? mmmmmmmm

  6. I WANT YOUR TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1