Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Busy Again!

The second screaming jumpy girl is back and for those of you who don't know, that is really me when I was a little girl. Aren't I the cutest thing?

This week is super duper busy at work as well. I only have one event this week but again the preparation is nuts. Then I am hoping things settle down so I can actually do work that I need to do.

The best part though is I am looking forward to a long weekend. Summer will be officially over. And I await Fall with such anticipation, I can almost burst! I was already eyeing some of the sweaters in the closet and looking for new winter boots online. YAY! I love love love boots.

I am not sure I will do a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow because I haven't had time to take pictures of anything. I only wish I had a car cam because today on my drive there was a sprinkling of yellow trees with a hint of orange. The morning was cool and you can just feel the change in the air. The other day while driving home, I saw one of our neighbors had planted pumpkins and they are all big and orange. I wish I had planted pumpkins.

We have nothing planned this weekend but we might be going into Asheville and that always means maybe a little shopping and always a good meal. Hopefully, we will get some Japanese or Thai food!! This weekend also means sleeping in and doing nothing! Sweet!


  1. I absolutely love sleeping in! I hope work cuts you a break soon!

  2. Hmmm...boots, I've been eyeing a few pairs myself. Lot's of sales over the weekend, too! Have a great one.