Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Update!

I know I have been lax about posting lately but with work and my other blog, it keeps me busy. Plus, my life is extremely boring so there is really nothing to tell.

The weather here is getting pretty nice. It has been slowly cooling down in the daytime but the nights and mornings are getting downright chilly! I even have my heater on at work sometimes because it gets really cold in the office.

I will be MIA this weekend because I am off to Asheville to attend another conference. I wasn't planning on attending it but my friend Liz won a friend's pass and she gave it to me. YAY! So I decided to go because it is so close and this was the first ever conference I attended last year. Plus, it gives me a chance to see my online friends in real life and meet some new ones!!

It also takes me to Asheville where I can get some decent food! Maybe I will have a little Japanese, Thai and we discovered there is a Tapas restaurant in downtown Asheville so that is an option as well.

My only complaint about living in Sylva, is that there is not one really great restaurant here. Well, El Pacifico is really good Mexican but I wish there was another place we could go and have a great meal. Some are good but very middle of the road. The other day a Japanese restaurant opened up and we went to have lunch. We were all full of excitement and good expectations. They were dashed as we got some very mediocre food and really horrible service.

I tell you Gordon Ramsey's head would have exploded at the signs of chaos in the kitchen and the lack of good wait staff. We were back at square one when we walked out of there. No good Japanese food in Sylva. BOO!
So anyway, that's about all I have to talk about. I wish I had something else to say but maybe I will have some great stories after this weekend.

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