Saturday, October 2, 2010

Roasted Chicken Recipe!

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. What I love about it is that it is versatile and good on the budget. Now I know some people I know are intimidated by a raw chicken. Some are squeamish and hate touching raw chicken, some just have no idea where to start. But actually, it is really easy to make it.

This is the perfect meal for a weekday dinner or a dinner party. Depending what you do to the chicken and what sides you serve, you can actually make a really elegant dinner. This will definitely feed 4-6 people as well. Since I am only cooking for 2, I always have leftovers. And I will use the leftovers tomorrow to make chicken enchiladas. So I can get 2 meals from this chicken and everything will be under $15!! Food for thought!

Okay, the easiest way to make roast chicken is to slather the chicken with a little olive oil and then salt and pepper the inside and the outside of the bird. You toss it in the over at 300 degrees for a few hours and it's done. I usually leave it in for about 3 hours but you can cook it faster by cooking it at 350 or 375 degrees. I prefer my chicken slow roasted so I take the time to let it cook.

Today, I got a little fancy and decided to dress up the chicken a little. This version of roast chicken required fresh sage, butter and thinly sliced lemons. I still have fresh sage in my garden so I grabbed a bunch. Be careful with sage because although it is wicked tasty, it is strong so don't use too much.

Take some butter and melt it in the microwave. Add salt, pepper, fresh chopped sage, thinly chopped shallots and lemon zest. Mix well and let it set in the refrigerator. You want the butter to solidify again, so you can rub it under the chicken skin. This is the tricky part. Take the chicken and try and separate the skin from the meat. Do this carefully or the skin will tear. Liberally rub the butter mixture under the chicken skin and over the chicken skin. Slice a lemon in half. Take one half and stick it up the chicken wazoo! Make sure you have salt and peppered the chicken on the inside as well.

Take the other half of the lemon and slice it into very very thin slices. Take the slices and put them under the chicken skin. If you have enough slices, you can also put some over the chicken skin as well. And please remember to always wash your hands when handling raw poultry!! I keep my hand soap handy when I am making this dish!

After you have done all this, put the chicken into the roasting pan and roast. I usually check on it every so often and use the liquid to baste the chicken so it won't dry out. If you see if browning too fast, you can take some aluminum foil and place it top so it won't burn.

Once it's done, pull it out of the oven and let it rest for about 10 minutes before cutting it up to serve. I served my chicken with mashed potatoes and homemade chicken gravy and a salad. Yummo!!!

Buen Provecho!


  1. That is definitely SABROSO!!! YUM.. I'm coming over! LOL

  2. I'll definitely have this for tonight. I love lemon and fresh herbs combination, and I've got the chicken already defrost....thanks!

  3. OMosh yummylicious! I made a rosted chicken today.

    I usually marinate my chicken in lemon but never leave it in. That must smell wonderful while cooking.

    I am def going to try it with lemon. Que rico.

  4. I was reading the recipe so carefully and then busted out laughing when you said to stuff the chicken in the "wazoo". :)
    I love the note about putting the lemons under the skin. I will be trying to this rico recipe.

  5. You can take all those Chicken take out places out with this recipe. It looks beautiful. And I love your photo captions!

  6. Can you believe I've never roasted a whole chicken? I've done turkey, ham, lamb, etc... but it always seems easier to just pick up a rotisserie chicken for $5 at the grocery store. I'm totally bookmarking this. Gotta try it!