Thursday, October 14, 2010

WOO! Random Willy Nilly Cooking is a Winner!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted a recipe on my Sabroso Saturday post for my Saucy Beef Bites ~ Two Ways??

I mentioned I had entered this recipe in the Saucy Mama recipe contest. Well, I found out today that I won the Grand Prize for my recipe!!! Is that cool or what?? I was home sick as a dog today and I got the call. I wish I wasn't sick but I am glad I got the call my recipe won. WOO!!

I am thrilled and I might have to start creating more recipes and entering more contests! I also have another bit of news. If you follow my Sabroso Saturday recipe posts, be advised that I am moving them over to my other blog, The Art of Random WillyNillyness, for about a month. I have a great recipe for Mocha Coffee this Saturday so remember to go check it out!


  1. Your recipe made ME hungry! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm not surprised that you won! I'm so proud of you; congratulations!