Monday, November 22, 2010

WOO! I finally made tortillas!

I have been itching to make tortillas for months. I have never ever made tortillas pero se metio a mi cabeza (got into my head) to do it. And once it gets in my head, I have to do it.

Luckily, I had an opportunity to review a few cookware items from on my other blog, The Art of Random Willynillyness. (Make sure to go over on Wednesday and read my review!!) I had a hard time deciding what to review because there were too many choices but in the end, I decided on a tortilla press and comal (griddle) because I wanted to make tortillas. So it all worked out!

When I received my goodies, I was in hog heaven. I have never ever made tortillas in my life so I knew it would be an adventure. The first time I tried it was a disaster. I used Maseca Instant Masa. I read the instructions on the bag and it seemed easy enough. Masa, water and salt. I mixed them and it was messy. Now the recipe said to make dough balls and then use the press to make the tortilla. It didn't work. I knew I shouldn't have followed the recipe.

I was able to make one tortilla and then I gave up. It was just too frustrating because I had no idea what went wrong. I tweeted for some help and got it from my online friends. The best advice I got was to let the dough rest although the recipe didn't say that. So the next time I tried to make tortillas, I went all willy-nilly and did it my way.

I didn't follow the recipe. I made some adjustments like using warm water instead of regular water. I also added a little bit of vegetable oil to the mixture to keep it moist and make it not stick to the comal. I had no idea if that would work, but I did it anyway. Then I let the dough rest. This time it worked! I was able to make 4 decent tortillas.

Now, by no means were they pretty. They were a little off and demented but then again I am not the freaking Barefoot Contessa so it worked for me. I happened to have some Mexican chorizo in the fridge so I made some gallos for myself. Note: Gallos in a pure translation means roosters but in Costa Rica we call anything dumped into a tortilla a gallito!

So there you have it. I think if I continue practicing making tortillas, I will get so much better. I even tried making them without the press but that was a complete disaster. I have no idea how people make them by hand.

The comal is the best thing I got from I was also able to use it to make pancakes. For once, my pancakes weren't a disaster! I so needed this griddle.

The lesson I learned is that random willy-nilly cooking works. If I hadn't gone all rouge and done my own thing, I wouldn't have been able to make it work. I still think my tortillas need a little tweaking. And I really want to try and find a cheese that could be incorporated into the masa to make cheese tortillas. OMG that would be so delish!!

See sometimes recipes just don't work and you just have to get creative and go with your gut.

Disclosure: I received the sample items to review on my other blog from


  1. Love it - nice job!

  2. I am so proud of you and mighty impressed!!!! I never would have known that tweaking would fix things. You are such a great cook!

  3. people that make those by hand use those huge rocks. get a big rock and sit around and pound them out lol that sounds so impossible even with the fancy equipment so great job!

  4. Yummy! Those looks so good. You're like a pro!