Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas comes early!

Okay, this is going to sound a little weird but I have a very close group of online friends. I have known them for a long time, even before I was blogging. We are very close and I love them dearly. The funny thing is I have never ever met them once.

I almost got to meet my friends Michele and Tammi once but I threw out my back when we were visiting Tom's mom and I missed meeting them. I was so sad because these ladies are true friends who I would do anything for. I know one day we will all meet!

Every year, for about 4 years now, we have done a Christmas gift exchange. Every year, one of us takes on the task of choosing partners for each of us and we have to buy gifts. I think we started with a budget of $30 but we usually don't follow the budget rules. We have a list of what we all like and need so we have ideas. It is probably one of the things I always look forward too every Christmas.

This year, I had my friend Lindsay as my swap partner. I can post this because she rarely reads my blog and I sent her package last week. We usually have no idea who our gifter is until the box comes. I bought her tons of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice goodies. I found cute kitchen towels, earrings, a tote bag and other goodies. My swap partner, this year, was my friend Jean. Can I just say she rocks because she bought me some of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

I wanted to share them because they are so unique. We never wait until Christmas to open our goodies. In fact, we all clamor to hear what was bought and received immediately. So when I got my box on Saturday, saw it was from Jean, I ripped that baby open in a heartbeat.

What a wonderful goodie box it was. I received a wonderful Frida Kahlo scarf. Jean knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Frida. She also found me a Frida Kahlo mousepad. I can't decide if I want it to stay with me or take it to work. I got some awesome Frida place mats which are so beautiful! I also received a Frida stocking with some goodies inside.

Then came the cool kitchen towels with a Diego Rivera (I LOVE LOVE LOVE his work too) print on it. The other kitchen towel says: Latinas do Everything Better. So true! Also, included was a Mad Men calendar. Jean knows I love my Mad Men and Don Draper.

The most unique and my favorite items were the soaps that came in the Frida stocking. I am a soap fanatic. I love soaps of any kind and have tons in my cabinets. I have a soap obsession. But these soaps also had some of my favorite things, or should I say people. Jean knows I am a big fat liberal and love Kieth Olbermann and Rachel Maddow who have shows on MSNBC. These soaps have their picture on them. Now I can shower with Keith and Rachel or both and be a happy camper.

Oh I love our gifts swaps. I think it's not so much about the gifts, although that is always great, but more about the friendship we all have. So I want to thank Jean for choosing the perfect gifts for me and taking the time to do so. I also want to send a shout out to my other friends Tammi, Michele, Tracy, Jessica and Linds. Love you guys.


  1. OMG! Frida stuff! Awesome!
    (I need new friends....)

  2. I do read your blog but I guess its good I missed this one huh? I Loved everything as you well know...Good job Jean love Don Draper ;)

  3. That is seriously the coolest swap. I've been burned big time in swaps, so at least you know you're swapping with girls you love and can trust!

  4. That is so neat! I love the gifts you got (I adore Frida). It shows that Jean knows you well and cares enough to get you something really thoughtful!