Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jamaica Day One

Our flight was totally uneventful from Atlanta to Jamaica. We actually got lucky because we both had middle seats in different rows. Luckily the person next to me didn't show up and Tom moved to the aisle seat next to me.

I also saw Leon Robinson. Who the hell is Leon Robinson you ask. Well he was the Black Jesus in Madonna's Like A Prayer video. I saw this guy come down the aisle. I am a total celeb know it all. So I am like, hey I know that guy. I couldn't remember his name but after 2 hours, I remembered he was in the Madonna video. He still looks damn cute. I wanted to ask him if that was him, although it was but he was with his daughter so I didn't.

Anyway, we had no problem getting through customs. Our bags showed up and our ride to the resort was waiting. We got to our resort and went to check in and the guy is like, oh you were upgraded to the Grand Rose Hall Resort. The Rose Hall resorts consist of 3 hotels side by side. There is an inexpensive one, a middle one and then the ritzy one. Well, we booked the middle one because it was a lot cheaper than the Grand Rose Hall although the Grand Rose Hall is rated a 5 star hotel. The other was a 4 star.

Anyhow, they put us on a golf cart and brought is to the better one. The resort is lovely sort of newish and not that big. Once we got in we were greeted with wet towels to wash our face and a mimosa! We got checked in, got an ocean view room and a butler.

Yes, we have a freaking butler, Reneish. He is really sweet. The room isn't huge but very clean and nice. It has some nice touches and the bathroom is to die for. If we need anything we call Reneish. We, of course, were WTF? We have no idea why the upgrade but at this point we are just happy with it and not complaining.

We went and had an oceanside lunch because they were having a BBQ on the beach. We got into the pool this afternoon and tonight going to have dinner at the Surf & Turf restaurant. Reneish got us in although we had no reservations. Sweet.

For all you jealous with envy, trust me, we never go this ritzy. We are really frugal and always go for the middle of the road resorts that are nice but not dumpy. So this is a step up for us. Anyhow, I made a video of the room, as usual. The bellman is in it and I think he did a fine job! It's not very good, as usual. And I have to stop making these right after I travel because I always look like holy hell! But it shows you what you need to see. So enjoy!!


  1. Carolyn, this is awesome! Have a blast! I am so JEALOUS! LOL.

  2. Jealous, YES! What a nice friendly Bellman! Enjoy your visit!

  3. I am sooooooooooo super jealous! Enjoy!

  4. What a cool idea to video tape your hotel room! I usually take photos, but it's hard to do it justice that way - especially with tiny bathrooms.

    Have a great time in Jamaica, mon!

  5. You are so stinkin' lucky!!! I'll tell ya, I hope I live life like you do when I get your age. Oh snap, too late!

    PS. Booked that Feb trip cuz I love you like that.

  6. Super duper JEALOUS!! ;) LOL!! That's fantastic and I especially love the view from your room. Bask in it chica!!

  7. That is SO RAD! you keep having fun my friend!

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous view! I loved the bellman when he said Welcome to Jamaica! You had me laughing when you said be jealous people, lol.

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy!