Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Willynillyness Cooking Presents: Quiche

They say real men don't eat quiche. Well, they can suck it because they are missing out on a great dish. Quiche is one of those easy peasy dishes that you can make and serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is also super versatile because you can use anything you want. It can be vegetarian or not. All you need is a few basic ingredients and you are set.

I usually don't make quiche because I zone out and forget that it is a good dish to make. But I looked in my refrigerator and saw I had the fixings to make one so I decided to make it for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Again, because this is random willy-nilly cooking I don't have a real recipe. This is one of those recipes you might need a recipe for if you have never made it. But in my case, I have and I wing it. I, honestly, just toss stuff together and hope for the best.

For this quiche, I used the following ingredients: eggs, half & half, cheese, fresh chives, shallots, mushrooms, sausage, tomatoes and a pinch of flour. Like I said before, you can use anything. I usually like making quiche when I have a lot of random veggies and stuff in the refrigerator. I have used squash, potatoes, green beans, spinach and other veggies. I have used chicken, bacon and Mexican chorizo. I have used fresh and dried herbs. It depends on what you like.

Okay, the basics. I learned if you use any veggies for quiche, cook them down before baking the quiche. I used fresh veggies before and it was a mess. They cooked but released all the water and it was a disaster. Cook and learn! Another basic tip is to mix the eggs and add the non-cooked ingredients to them before adding the cooked ingredients.

Here is how I made mine. I sauteed the shallots, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms. I then took 5 eggs and mixed them in a bowl. I used 5 eggs but I have used 4 eggs and even more. I have found 5 eggs is plenty for a deep dish pie crust. Oh and I use a frozen pie crust because I am too lazy to make my own. Anyway, I whisked the eggs, half & half (just a splash), added salt and pepper and then mixed in some cheese. I used about a tablespoon of flour because that holds it together.

I used Sharp Cheddar cheese and some white cheddar. You can use any type. I find the soft and creamy cheeses don't work as well but I have used brie before. It's all about experimenting. Then I added some fresh chopped chives to the egg mixture.

At this point, I started baking the pie crust. This allows the hot mixture to cool before you add it to the egg mixture. If you add the hot mixture to the egg mixture, the eggs will start cooking and you do not want that. So when the mixture is cooled, add it to the eggs. At this point you will need to get the crust out of the oven and fill it with the mixture.

Here is where my recipe is so random. I cannot tell you how long to cook it for. I do cook it at 350 degrees and I start with 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, I look at it and you can tell if it is still runny because you will see it in the middle of the pie. If it is not ready, I start doing increments of 10 minutes. This time it took about 45 minutes to fully cook. You can also test by taking a toothpick and poking it. If it comes up clean, it's done!

There you have it, quiche. I have to say that it was really tasty. We had it this morning with coffee and some bread. I love serving this when I am having a brunch. I serve it with a fruit salad and rolls. For dinner or lunch, I love serving it with a fresh herb salad and a light dressing made with lemon and oil.

Buen Provecho!

Just a note, I will not be posting a Sabroso Saturday post for the next two weeks. Next Saturday I will, hopefully, be in Jamaica, mon! Yes, my dears, we are traveling again. I think our cats are starting to think our house/cat sitter is their real owner at this point.

But remember, if you are dying for some cool recipes you can always pop on over to Latina on a Mission and check out all of my other friends yummy Sabroso Saturday recipes! Delish!!!

I am hoping that the internets at our resort work because I will post the usual "hotel room" post. I will also try to post some vacation vlogs as well so keep an eye out!


  1. Oh quiche. Yum! I saw pie crusts on sale and my teen doesn't want to make fruit pies. With all the different options available for quiche - bacon, sausage, chicken, turkey - we have plenty of alternatives to sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy Jamaica, mon ... do someting crazy and destroy the evidence!

  2. You know I never had quiche before? Yup. I would love to make one with potatoes, cheese and chorizos. That would be so yummy. Thanks for the recipe. You made it seem so easy to make and that slice you cut off, Beautiful!

  3. That' my idea of eggs. Great way to feed the crowds too!

  4. Gosh, this quiche looks so good. I can't wait for Sabroso Saturday to take a road trip to the Carolinas. Your table is always filled with the yummies!

  5. Oh my goodness times TWO!

    1. I love your quiche! You have skills my dear. I would marry you if I could LOL

    2. I want to go to Jamaica so make sure you post pics!!! Never been and have heard its so beautiful. Its actually on my bucket list... one day, one day.


  6. yummy! I hope mine looks so pretty like yours. Have fun in Jamaica!!!

  7. Hey, real men DO eat quiche (if they have any sense!) You make cooking quiche look so easy, it almost makes me want to give it a try. I've got to come up with something for Holiday Parties, and this looks like it would be a tasty option.

  8. I've never had! But you certainly make it look wonderful and easy too!

    BTW, I LOVE JAMAICA MON! I've been there twice. Its my most favorite island next to PR.