Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was bound to happen!

On Saturday, I am tooling around the house after running a few errands in the morning. I was doing wash and some light cleaning. I decided I needed to start prepping my roast chicken for dinner so I headed into the kitchen.

Our kitchen has a fantastic view out to the mountains and river. While cutting some potatoes, I noticed a State Trooper car about 1/4 of the mile down the road on the curve that leads to the road in the front of the house. The road runs parallel to the river down this stretch.

It's not a bad curve but when it rains or snows, I always fear that someone will drive off of it and right into the river. Anyway, I see the state trooper car with its lights on. I keep looking out because I only see the trooper and 2 people milling around. There was another car parked on the shoulder so I figured that he/she got stopped and was getting a ticket.

I keep watching as I am cooking and I wonder if a car went into the river but I am not seeing an ambulance or other police so I continue prepping. When I come back from folding laundry in the bedroom, I see a tow truck. By this time, I am sure a car went into the river.

I keep watching as people come and go. Cars stop. One of the neighbors who lives across the street where it happened came out. There were looky-loos across the river as well. I finally saw some guy walk by our house and walk down to the commotion. About 30 minutes later he comes walking back. I was on the front porch taking pictures figuring I would blog about the incident.
Yes, I am hardcore that way.

So, he is walking across our lawn, which is fine, because otherwise he has to walk on the road. I say hello and then ask him what went on. He tells me that the lady driving the car started choking on a cough drop, lost control and went into the river. He said she was able to get out but the car is trashed.

At this point, I figure that the car went into the water. I was glad the river was low and glad she got out. A little later, Tom shows up and tells me otherwise. I had sent him a text and so he decided to drive on the other side of the road coming home. He checked it out. He was probably one of those annoying looky-loos. He said the car did in fact go off the road onto the banks of the river but hit a tree. That tree prevented the car from actually going into the water.

It took about two attempts to get the car out but they did. Boy that lady lucked out because she could have gone straight intot he water and drowned. That was my Saturday excitement. Of course, I didn't walk down with my camera to take pictures because that would have been rude. I prefer sneaking pictures from afar. My camera rocks for that.

I am just glad that no one got hurt.


  1. You're a looky-loo, a sneaky looky-loo! I feel really bad for her, but I'm glad she was ok. The cough drop part of the story is sooooo freakishly odd!

  2. oh my, that wouldve scared the crap out of me.