Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Sausage Quiches

I had to do another review on my other blog and I created a recipe so I thought I would share it.

I was reviewing Bob Evan sausage. Love it! If you never tried Bob Evans foods, you should especially the sausage. I went willy-nilly as usual and decided to do a pantry and fridge raid. I found biscuit dough, apples, eggs, shredded Gouda cheese and fresh sage. I figured the sausage would pair fantastically with the green apples and sage. Green apples pair well with Gouda cheese. So I decided to bake little breakfast quiches. Maybe quiche isn't the right term. I guess you can say they are breakfast cups. Anyway I began the cooking.

I bought the patties because I knew I had to break down the sausage to mix with the eggs. I took the sausage patties and crumbled them and started cooking them. When they were browned, I added chopped green apples. To get all the juicy bits off the bottom of the pan, I added a splash of cider vinegar.

Then I grabbed some eggs and mixed them with the fresh sage, Gouda cheese and I decided to add a little cheddar cheese as well. I added a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper for good measure. I added the sausage and apple mixture to the eggs and mixed well.

I took the biscuit dough and cut it into little pieces and rolled it out. I popped the dough into the mini muffin pan and baked it for about 7 minutes. When that was done, I pulled out the mini cups and filled them with the mixture. I baked them for another 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.

You do not want to overcook the eggs yet you want to make sure they get cooked. Because I was using a mini muffin pan, I had to keep checking. Once they are ready take them out to cool.

I have to say that these turned out pretty darn good. The Bob Evans sausage is really delicious. I love it. There is nothing like eggs and cheese along with the sausage either. What made these super good was the apple. When I bit into one, it tasted like really good quiche. Then I would get a piece of the apple and it added a really sweet yet tarty taste to the dish. The Gouda cheese also added another layer of flavor that was fantastic!


  1. Wow! These look great! I will be trying soon. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I am so trying this soon! Green apples and Gouda cheese sounds so genius with sausage, and I can't remember last time I had apples and cheese. Thanks for the inspiration, Caro.

  3. Are you still here at Ocean Isle Inn? If so, I'm going to put you in my suitcase and take you home to cook! :)

  4. Mmm! Delish! Mini quiches yum!

  5. OMG! I must visit when you make those again. I love every ingredient you added. Thx for sharing!

  6. Have to try These sausage quiches, they look yummy!

  7. These look totally delish! I love the mix of cheese and fruit and sausage!!