Monday, March 28, 2011

First day in Costa Rica

No pictures folks because I am beat. I have taken pictures and when I post them you will see that I brought a guest to Costa Rica: Flat Stanley. He is my traveling companion this trip because my friend Nany from work asked me to bring him so she can talk to the kids at school about Costa Rica. Yesterday was a whirlwind. In Asheville my flight was delayed and I almost didn't make my connection. I took the chance and figured the worst thing was I would spend the night in Charlotte and come Monday. I barely made it. And I mean barely. I swear I totally made a run for it. I will be honest folks, I totally pushed like 2 old people and a kid out of the way to make the plane. I finally made it and the boarding was still going on although it was almost over. I was hyventilating because I hadn't eaten solid food in a week and almost died. But I got on. The plane ride was fine. Luckily, I got to rest some although I did not eat. When I got to Costa Rica my mom and sister picked me up. We went back to my mom's house and then out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I was able to have some Udon noodle soup which was very light. I also ate a dumpling. Moderation is my key nowadays. Today, I had to run some errands that had to do with the family business. So my cousin Henry, who is nuts and who I love, came with us and helped out. Then we went to see my dad. We had lunch with him and, again, I had soup. I actually had Olla de Carne, which if you follow my blog you know I make when Tom is out of town. This one was pretty good. I had a little tiny portion and tons of leftovers. When we got back to my mom's house, she was making tamales for me. I have some video of us making some of them so keep an eye out on Sabroso Saturday. Tonight, we are relaxing and maybe seeing my other cousin. Tomorrow is more errands and lunch with a cousin. I might even go get my cards read. Woo woo stuff.

I will try and post a video if I do anything interesting.


  1. so, am i more interested in the pictures of costa rica...or finding out wtf a flat stanley is????

    the suspense is killing me

  2. That's so funny; my friend just posted FB photos w/ her kids and a day in an adventure with Flat Stanley for a school project! I cannot wait to hear more about your's been so long since I've traveled and I love to live through others!

  3. I love Flat Stanley! He came to visit from Iowa (via my brother's family) last year.
    So glad you were able to go Costa Rica and that you are feeling better. Have a great time! xoxo

  4. I can't believe you shoved people out of your way.

    Yes. Yes, I can.