Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carolyn's Oxtail Stew Recipe

I know what you are thinking. WTF? Oxtails, are you kidding me Carolyn? I know many people will be immediately turned off by this recipe because of the oxtails. But let me tell you oxtails, correctly cooked, can be the most tender and delicious cut of beef ever.

I usually use oxtails when I make Olla de Carne, a traditional Costa Rican soup. I love them so I decided to see if I could cook them in a different recipe. Of course, I have no recipe. I decided to braise them and then stew them up. I had recently seen someone do this to short ribs so I said what the heck, let's see what happens.

The first thing I did was to heat some flavored oil in my big pot. I recently bought a whole selection of yummy oils and thought this might be a good recipe to use them. Since the oil is already infused with the flavor, it will infuse the meat with flavor as well. I used my Tavern Direct garlic and rosemary oil. If I had fresh rosemary I would have used it but I didn't have any.

Once the oil was screaming hot, I popped in the oxtails to brown. Once browned, I added the mirepoix (celery, carrots and onions). I think I was supposed to do cook the mirepoix first then the oxtails but it still worked out. Next I added the spices. I added salt, pepper, a bay leaf and a little garlic powder.

Once that got mixed in I added some red wine. I also had a little wine for myself but most of it went into the pot. Then I let it cook for a few hours. Once it was ready, I got my handy dandy oil skimmer thingy and poured in the liquid. It separated the oil and I added the sauce that was left back into the pot. Next, I took out the oxtails and got my handy dandy hand mixer and whipped the sauce into a nice creamy gravy! Gotta love the kitchen gadgets.

That is how easy it was to make a really delicious and hearty meal. Of course, you can do this with short ribs or just beef chunks as well. But I love my oxtails. The meat is so good! I decided to serve the stew on mashed potatoes. If I had some polenta, I would have actually served it on that because I think it screamed for some creamy polenta. But mashed potatoes are just as good.

I know that some people would totally be put off by the oxtails but if you ever have a chance, try them if you haven't. It will be worth it!


  1. Oxtails are so delicious and melt right in my mouth! I haven't had some in a while and I always thought they were so hard to make. Thanks for sharing your recipe and I will surely give it a try :)

  2. Oxtails are one of those dishes - so yummy and so intimidating. Thanks for taking the scare out of this. I'm still not sure when I'll make them, but I will be marking this para cuando me crezcan las agallas.

  3. That made my mouth water. Yum. I haven't eaten any meat since Jan 1 and I think today might be the day I break my meat drought. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by for Sabroso Saturday.

  4. Caro you did it again with your random willy nilly cooking! Have I told you that you are a GREAT cook yet? Well, you are! Yet I have to say I think there is one thing that will make you even better... you need a taste tester! Although I am sure it would be hard work, I am willing to volunteer. Now I wouldn't do this for just anyone but because I love you, I'll sacrifice my time LOL