Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Here at the Salzman-Gonzalez house we don't celebrate Easter. But, I used to love Easter when I was little. My mom always made us new dresses. We always matched because she loved dressing us as twins although we are not.

The night before we would decorate eggs. We would get all dressed up and go to Church and then we would get home and people would come over for Easter supper. We also had the Easter egg hunts and we always got an Easter basket. Sometimes I wish I would still find an Easter Basket on Sunday morning. I mean who doesn't love biting off the heads off chocolate bunnies? Hello!

I found some old photos of us at Easter and decided to post them. I look adorable as usual but I realized I also look like a grumpy Gus. I bet I wanted to eat candy and was not allowed so I was pouting. I still pout when I am not allowed to do stuff. In the last photo I am saluting or something. I was a weird child.

Enjoy your Easter if you celebrate it and, if you don't, you can still bite heads off of Easter Bunnies.


  1. Those are cool photos!
    Why no Easter celebrations anymore? I am all for celebrating everything!!!
    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Maybe was the sun in your eyes in that last photo? Thanks for sharing the memories!

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