Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Room with a View

Okay my Flip was dying so I made two quickie videos of my room at Mondrian. Two because the camera pooped out on the first one.

Had a great day and was able to catch up with everyone at the Telemundo offices where we had lunch with some the the Telemundo stars. I have some photos and I will try and post some this weekend.

I was back at my alma mater today as well because the awards are being held at the new venue they have there. It is pretty awesome. We went in and saw the backstage and heard MANA rehearse. Later we went on to dinner at SoHo House on the beach - NICE! Then we headed to the RPM Miami party at the most awesome venue. I will have pictures of that as well.

Overall a great but long day. I was so impressed how thought out Telemundo is about the social media strategy of the company. It was pretty awesome. Okay peeps, tomorrow (Thursday) we tour the studios, cool! And then we head over to the Latin Billboard awards. I hope I can get some awesome pictures.

I would die if I see Marc Anthony who I just love and I know he will be singing so I can't wait for that. Okay, bed is calling me.

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  1. you are totally a woman about town! How fun!!!!