Saturday, April 16, 2011

Costa Rican Tamales Recipe and Video

Okay this recipe is a little complicated so I actually vlogged about it when I was in Costa Rica. I love tamales especially Costa Rican tamales. I grew up eating them and also helping make them.

I remember as a little girl that I was put on tamale duty by my mom and grandmother. I was always in charge of putting the veggies into the tamales. As I grew older, I was put in charge of spicing up the masa (dough) mixture. I have a talent for masa tasting. If you have blah masa, your tamales will suck.

I have 3 videos that will give you the basics on how to make Costa Rican tamales. Now Video 3 sucks balls. I look like a freaking truck ran over me. I have puffier eyes then Joan Rivers after a facelift. I look like I just woke up although I had been up for a while. I had not slept well that night and it shows. Damn I look rough. I am just warning you because it will scare the crap out of you. But I have to post the video to show the whole process and the end product.

See the things I do for my blog. Now for the rest of my life, me looking like hell will be in cyberspace. Dios mio.

Anyway, enjoy the videos.


  1. Ay Caro! I don't know what you're talking about with that last video. Maybe you felt tired. You still look radiant.

    I may have to set this up in my kitchen to make Costa Rican "tica" tamales and taste for myself. Video makes my mouth water but still leaves me hungry.

  2. Hola Caro!!!! conseguiste la receta de los chicharrones??Espero que sigas mejor!!!

  3. Carolyn, my mom makes similar tamales from Colombia but she wraps them in Aluminium foil after wrapping them in the banana leaves.
    What paper do you wrap them in? I have a tamale recipi on my blog too.
    You look mahvelous btw..

  4. Great videos, Caro - I never knew how much stuff went into tamales. They looked wonderful (and you looked fine)! My niece is Hispanic and on rare occasions (when she's in town) she'll make tamales for us. Beyond that, I love the ones in the French Quarter. Maybe those are Cajun tamales? Thanks for the cooking lesson.

  5. Great vids, glad your feeling better..yummy tamales!!


  6. Home-made tamales are the best! Thanks for sharing!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com