Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Travel Gods have it in for me

It has become very apparent to me that the travel gods suck big hairy balls. Of course, it is probably posts like this that get me in trouble but oh well.

Yesterday started out promising. I went to work and worked all day. Then I had to drive over an hour+ from my job to the Asheville airport.

Now I suspect that the Asheville airport has it in for me or is cursed in some way. The last two trips I have taken have gone pear shaped in one way or another. My last trip to Costa Rica went haywire when the plane was there but something had broken. Fun. That caused a very sick me to have to run a mile to get to my gate on time and make it to Costa Rica.

I was very very lucky that I made that plane with literally a minute to spare. I was not so lucky this time. Due to bad weather, I think out of Texas, my flight was delayed and I would totally miss my connecting flight in Charlotte. Maybe it's Charlotte that is cursed for me as well. Not sure but we barely have problems in Atlanta although that is an airport from hell.

Anyhow, they tell me they can get me on a 9:00 plane from Charlotte to Fort Lauderdale. I pondered and then thought if the plane arrived at 11pm, I would be cool to drive or catch a cab to Miami Beach and be in by midnight. We had to be ready at 8am the next day so I figured, I would get some sleep and even though I would look like a horrible troll, I could do that.

I get on the plane and arrive at Charlotte, only to discover that the plane was delayed until midnight meaning I would arrive in Ft.Lauderdale at 2am, then have to find my way to Miami Beach probably arriving at 3am of later. That was enough for me.

I am still not 100% health wise and I cannot survive on 3 hours sleep to spend a whole day with Telemundo executives and talent. Plus, there was no guarantee the plane was actually leaving on time again since it was not there when I decided to take my chances, get a hotel room and fly out to Miami this morning.

The funny thing that while I was at the airport this couple from Venezuela was there and they were having the same issues. Now I have lived in Miami and know that it can take anywhere from 25 minutes or 2 hours to get from Lauderdale to Miami. At 2 in the morning it would be probably be closer to 25 minutes but, again no guarantee, that was correct.

So in my crazy Spanish, we started talking. They finally decided to spend the night here so we all went to the desk and I translated for them. I did my good deed for the day in hope the universe would take mercy on me and cut me some slack on the rest of my trip.

The issue was our bags. Now we were told that they would not go onto Lauderdale but would be held at the airport and sent on to Miami with us in the morning. I expect to never ever see that bag again. I have a history with bags being left at the airport. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but most likely our bags will be gone into oblivion.

Luckily, I am in Miami so I can go out and buy whole new outfits if needed. Let's hope it is not needed. I am praying to the bag gods to make sure I get mine in a few hours. We will see. If not, I will go all crazy on USAirways until I am compensated or they find the damn bags. Yes, I have no faith in the system.

Of course, it could have been worse, I have heard a few horror stories from peeps stuck with us at Homewood Suites. One guy spent 2 days traveling from D.C. to get to L.A. Other stories were missed flights, rude customer service and overall hatred toward flying. Something I am starting to see in myself as well.

So I sit here in the Charlotte airport, with my new Venezuelan friends awaiting my trip to my beautiful Miami. I am crossing my fingers my bag arrives and I can catch up on the fun set out for us by the Telemundo Networks. It sucks I will miss meeting the president and having lunch with some of the talent. God knows I am a celebrity ho so I hate to miss that.

But last night Tom said go with the flow and enjoy what you can. Wise man, that Tom. So I am so not stressed right now, it's not even funny. I am just chilling and seeing where my journey takes me. Bummer part is that I have given up coffee until my health issues get resolved and that does suck big hairy troll balls because I am seeing a Starbucks right around the corner where I am sitting. *Sigh* Sometimes you just can't win.

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