Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carolyn's Easy Arroz con Pollo Recipe

I have still been under the weather so I am so lazy. I am trying to keep it simple but still make tasty meals. I had the opportunity to review some Maggi products on my other blog, The Art of Random Willynillyness, so I made a real quick and easy meal that was tasty for Tom.

Growing up we always had Maggi Bullion cubes or "Cubitos Maggi" as my mami and abelita called them. There was always a packet of cubitos Maggi in our house. They would use them to make stews, soups and as a spice to fry up chicken or to make rice.

We would always have the Maggi sopa de vegetales, pollo and fideos (chicken, veggies and noodles) at home as well. I remember having sopa de fideos as much as I had Campbell's chicken noodle soup. It's funny that I remember something so random but that's just me.

As I grew up, I always had cubitos Maggi in my pantry as well. I love using them to make chicken broth. I also love using them when I need to spice up my arroz con pollo or other meals. The cube has so much flavor that I use it as I would salt or pepper.

I received a basket of items, including the garlic and onion bullion cubes, chicken flavored bullion powder, Sopa de fideos (chicken noodle soup) and some sofrito paste. I had never tried the sofrito paste so I decided to use that. Sofrito is a mixture of garlic, onion, tomatoes and spices used as a base for cooking traditional recipes.

I wondered if I could achieve a one pot dinner with the sofrito paste and no other spices. I started by frying up some chicken thighs. Then I added the sofrito paste and finished cooking the chicken. I then added some chicken broth and simmered it all together. The only spices I added were salt and pepper. Once I let the chicken and sofrito cook a while, I added some rice and let it all cook up. To finish the dish, I added some fresh cilantro.

It was delicious and easy. The dish was so flavorful because of the Maggi sofrito paste. Hubby loved it! If you have never tried these products, you really should. They are very good. I love the fact that every time I use them, they remind me of my childhood.

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  1. Yummy! I sure do wish you would include this *cooked* dish with the giveaway you're hosting!!! I know, you said it's "easy". But you haven't seen me in the kitchen...