Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Half Moon Bay, Jamaica

Please don't judge my old lady hat!!


  1. Oh I'm judging! But since I'm an old lady too, I like it!

    What is WITH you and the physical injuries? You've got to hold it together girl.

    So jealous about you in Jamaica!

  2. im pretty much drowning in jealousy right now!

    maybe not the hat lol but the rest, yes!

  3. Judge the hat? Why would I do that? I have at least 3 of those in different colors! Looks like a great place to be. (sigh) Wish I was. Sorry you hurt your toe.

    New blogger, newly following. Love to have you stop by and take pity on an old braod when you get back!

    Terri from

  4. You are so lucky. I am always daydreaming of me sitting on the beach in Jamaica with a fruity drink and my laptop.