Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Jamaica Adventure!

Yes, I slacked. But when is that new? I get back and work is out of control crazy. The house is a mess and I am needing a vacation after my vacation. Oh well.

I have to tell you though that our trip was the bomb! We had a great time. The weather was a little gloomy and overcast some days but that did not stop us from enjoying Jamaica.

First of all, Couples Resort Negril rocks the house. It was so different from the Grand Rose Hall Suites we stayed at last year. But different in a good way. While the other resort was very ritzy, this one was more laid back and tropical.

The best thing, however, was that there were no children around to harsh my mellow. It was fantastic. The resort itself is a little older and dated but that didn't matter one bit.

The resort had buildings that were only 3 stories and were all separated around the resort compound. We ended up in one of the last buildings far from everything but we loved that because it was quieter. Plus, we got our daily exercise in walking from the room to the poll, restaurants etc.

Our room was not fancy and the bathroom was really dated but it was clean and comfortable. It had everything we needed. I have to say that I loved the fact that the resort provided drinks int he room as most all inclusives but it offered full size bottles of whatever liquor you wanted. None of those woozy tiny bottles here.

We had AC, TV, and free WiFi!! Best thing ever!! Plus our balcony had a great view. We had a partial view of the ocean and were close to the the second pool and spa. We never used them because we loved the main pool.

They offered some free water sports and Tom got crazy and went water skiing without telling me because he knew I would have grabbed the Flip camera and got footage of him falling on his butt! He also went snorkeling. Me? I don't do water sports so I stayed at the main pool.

But I was really good and did the water aerobics class every day except for one. I event got Tom in the class a few times. It kicked our butt but it was fun. Aside from that we fell into a nice routine except for the Tuesday we were there when we hired Shorty Tours to take us out of the resort.

Now if you read our first adventure in Jamaica, you know Shorty was the guide we hired to take us to Dunns River Falls. He was great so we asked him to take us around Negril. We did a small tour this time because my back was still sore and the day before, I actually slipped in the room and stubbed my middle toe. OMG it was painful as hell. Luckily, I iced it but it was still demented when we went out.

Yes, I am a klutz and have been one all my life. If I can get hurt, I will. Anyway, Shorty came by and took us to a little place called Half Moon Beach. There is not much there except a little bar/restaurant and cabins. The beach was great and deserted when we got there.

We had the whole beach to ourselves. So we hung out for awhile and then went up to have a drink. Apparently, the owners bought the whole property and keep it as natural as possible. We didn't see the cabins but one of the owners said they were very basic. No TV, internets, or luxuries. They had the little bar and not much else. If I was into "nature" I might stay there but I am a spoiled girl who likes some luxury so it is not my cup of tea.

But it was nice to swim in the beach alone. After Half Moon Beach, Shorty took us over to Seven Mile Beach. Apparently, this is the place to be in Negril. It was nice too. Again, there were few people on the beach. The water was so nice. Warm and calm. I am all about calm oceans. If I even see a wave, I totally freak out because of the incident in Costa Rica when a rouge wave almost killed and ended up fracturing my back.

After hanging out there for a while, we had lunch at a local spot that people raved about but we were totally unimpressed. The service sucked the biggest hairy balls. OMG I wanted to run screaming from the place but didn't. The food was all right but I was glad to be out. After lunch, we did a little shopping. Then went back to the resort.

We were glad we were able to see a little more of Jamaica. It was too bad I was demented or we might have gone out to the mineral springs or a river trip but with my bad back and black and blue toe, I might not have survived.

But let me just tell you that we loved this resort. Like I said, we fell into a nice routine. Get up, have breakfast, go back to the room, go out to the beach or pool, hang out, lunch, back to the room, nap, dinner and then back to sleep. Ah what a life.

There were also a lot of activities but we really didn't in. Basically, I laid around the pool or in the pool. And we ate. The food there was fantastic. We are not buffet kind of people but the buffets they had rocked!

Breakfast was always a buffet as was lunch. There was a little beach side place where you could get sandwiches, burgers etc. but we preferred the buffet. They had everything you can imagine and it was delish. For dinner they had a buffet or ala carte restaurant where the buffet was. There was also an Asian restaurant, a beach side restaurant and a fancy restaurant where you had to make reservations. The food in those places was excellent as well.

I might have gained a pound but I was super careful to not eat too much. It also helped that we had to walk and got to exercise in the pool. Overall, the food was the best. Drinks were great too. I love all inclusive resorts!

I am sure I have forgotten some high points, sue me. After a week of work and catching up, I have forgotten a lot of stuff. But I can say we had such a great time this trip. It was so relaxing and fun. I cannot wait for our next vacation although it will be a while for that.

Check back tomorrow for more pictures!!


  1. Carolyn, Hi! I love the pics and sounds like you stayed at an awesome place and had a great time! NIce pic of you and your hubby!!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time! You two always go to the most fantastic places :) Hope your toe is feeling better!