Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Okay we had a great weekend. We went off to Harrah's Cherokee Casino and Resort. I got free tickets to see a show so we decided to make it a mini trip. We arrived and we also had a comp room, which was really nice. Harrah's Cherokee has added tons of new areas and we got a room in the new section of the hotel and the rooms are really nice. I love that they are expanding the casino and adding new restaurants and shops.

Anyway, we arrived and then headed to do a little gambling. I lost my shirt. The slots were tight this trip. Boo! But I had a great time. Give me bells, whistles and bonus games and I am one happy camper. Yes, I am easily amused. We then had dinner about 5pm and then headed up to the room to relax before the show. The show was some Rock n' Roll thing with Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Elvis impersonators. It was interesting.

We liked the Buddy Holly the best. The Roy Orbison impersonator looked like him and was good too but I am not a huge Orbison fan. The Elvis guy took himself a little too seriously. I swear. He was singing random Elvis songs I never heard. I am an Elvis fan and I wanted to hear the hits. He was Fat Elvis. At one point I wanted to scream out, can you renew our vows. Hey, I didn't get my Fat Elvis wedding so I am on a mission to have Fat Elvis vow renewal service.

There were a lot of older people around us. When me and Tom started goofing on the show and dancing in our seat, a woman next to him gave me the hairy eyeball. I gave it back to her! The woman next to me did not move once, I thought maybe she was dead. At least her husband was grooving along. It was a little boring and I wanted to get up and dance around but I wasn't drinking and I knew Tom would poo poo that idea. It wasn't that I really wanted to dance, I just wanted to cause a little havoc.

We left a little early as Fat Elvis was a snoozefest. Then we hit the casino for a little while more and more of my money was taken. I cannot go back to Harrah's Cherokee for a while. But I am going back in September because I have Rick Springfield tickets!! WOO! Love him. Of course, Tom is refusing to go with me but I was like whatever I will go alone. I figured there will be a zillion middle-aged Rick fans there anyway. And if Tom is not there, I can get a little crazy and actually dance in the aisle! There is no doubt I will do that. It's probably better he not go because I would just embarrass him.

The next day we headed home after a little more gambling in the morning. Then we headed off to have lunch at Granny's Chicken Place in Waynesville/Maggie Valley. I wrote about that place a few months ago. It was delish. After lunch it was back home.

Since we have been away for so long, we have had no time to work on our garden so we both got out there and started weeding. I wish I would have a picture as proof that I actually was on my knees weeding because some people are saying, oh no you didn't. But I did. Can I just say that weeding sucks the big hairy ones? It's a lot of work. But we got most of it done until I got tired and came in and before a huge storm came in and Tom had to stop.

The good news is that we were able to harvest veggies!! We had cucumbers, yellow squash, one zucchini, onions and some lettuce. Yummo. We also have tomatoes but they are still green. If I wasn't on a mission to eat better, I would grab some of those babies and fry them up because I love me some fried green tomatoes!!

So that was our weekend. We had a good time except the weeding part. But I am so excited about our garden! I cannot wait for those tomatoes are ready to be picked!

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  1. omg i need to become your stalker and live your life! you got that awesome room AAAAAAAANNNNNNND you get to go back and see rick springfield?????

    I am definately not living the life i am meant to live.