Friday, August 26, 2011

Bloodsuckers make me feel better!

Last Friday, we were doing one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have been sad and mopey. I have been wallowing in my misery. I decided that I needed to make myself feel better. I have Fridays off so I decided that I would treat myself to a movie. Now for many that might not be a big deal but we never ever go to the movies.

This began when we lived in Florida. We actually went to the movies all the time but it sort of became a hassle after a while. Every time we would be at a movie, cell phones would ring, people would talk and fidget and, inevitably, although we were in Rated R movies people would feel the need to bring their little babies. The final straw came while watching episode 2 of Lord of the Rings and this idiot kept answering his phone while the movie was going on.

He was sitting next to me and if I wasn't such a delicate flower, I would have punched him in the face. After the 4th time of him answering the phone and then having me, Tom and a few others tell him to take it outside, he got up and went and stood inside the movie theater by the stairs and talked. The usher had to tell him to get off. The 5th time, we all raged and he yelled at us that he had to take the call because he had a sick kid at home and it was the babysitter calling him to let him know the kid was getting worse. WTF? Go the hell home!

After the movie, he almost hit Tom after Tom said he was rude. Luckily, a bunch of other moviegoers whose movie experience was ruined yelled at him and chastised him for being at the movies while having a sick child. What a jerk. That was it for us. We got a big screen TV, upped our Netflix subscriptions and never looked back.

Last year, Tom got crazy and we went to our first movie in years: True Grit. I loved it on the big screen because I worship Jeff Bridges. The movie was terrific and we had no issues. Of course, we now live in a small town in the Western North Carolina Mountains and that might be the difference. People are nicer up here. No offense to my Florida friends but it's true.

Anyway, this week I have tried everything to get myself out of the funk. I have eaten an obscene amount of chocolate given to me by wonderful co-workers who understand that chocolate makes everything better. Since today marks a week of Shawn being gone, I decided that maybe going to a movie and eating an obscene amount of buttery, greasy popcorn and cold soda might also help. Oh yeah and maybe more chocolate.

Now we have a limited amount of choices in our town. Our movie theater shows only 4 movies. In Franklin, a town about 25 minutes from my house they have a few more choices. So I looked around and knew that the only movie that would make me feel better would be: Fright Night.

Some of you know I am a horror film junkie. I also love anything involving bloodsuckers. Tom? He hates horror films and refuses to watch them. He also is not that into vampires although he does watch True Blood but I think he only does that to appease me. So this is the perfect choice since he will not want to see it. Fright Night is actually a horror-comedy. I loved Fright Night when it came out in the 80's. It was cheesy and snarky and had vampires, what else do you need?

When I learned they were remaking it, I was thrilled. And when I found out that Colin Farrell played the main character, a vampire, I was out of my mind thrilled because I love me some Colin Farrell.

Can I ask for anything else? Well yes. I decided to drive to Franklin because about a block from the movie theater is a Thai restaurant. Again, in my small town we have limited choices of food as well. Thai food is a treat.

For a few hours, I will go watch Fright Night and try to forget why I am sad. Then I will go by and get Thai food for dinner. Everyone wins! I get horror, a few laughs, bloodsuckers and Colin and Tom gets green curry. Heaven! I am a woman of simple tastes.


  1. Have a great time! It sounds like a night on the town is just what you need :) ((HUGS))

  2. I think you picked just the right thing to do to cheer up. I hope it worked!

  3. maybe ill check it out since you also like horror, ill trust you! i was really mad they remade it, its a rare gem, in that it was a funny horror flick without being cheesy. I didnt know how well that would be in the remake.

    and colin is pretty hawwwwt!

    im going to see dont be afraid of the dark sunday! i cant wait!