Monday, September 26, 2011

In which I grope Rick Springfield

Got your attention didn't I?

For those handful of people who actually read my blog, you are aware that on Saturday night I was going to see Rick Springfield in concert. Don't judge, people, don't judge. I love his music. There I said it. I am not ashamed to admit it.

When I feel depressed or need a pick me up. I root around the CD's I carry in my car to find his greatest hits, pop it in the CD player and rock out! I know all the words to his songs and proudly admit it.

The last time I saw Rick Springfield in concert was when I was in my early twenties. That was a long long time ago. I saw him a few times and he was great in concert. He knows how to play to an audience.

So when I saw he was coming to Harrah's Cherokee Casino, about 25 minutes from where we live, I was all over that. Luckily, Harrah's knows a hardcore gambler when they see one and offered me free tickets and a free room because they are so nice. That or else they know as a gambler, I will come and enjoy the freebies and blow a wad of cash on the slots.

I love slots. I think my problem is that I am easily amused. Give me lights, bells, whistles and bonuses and I am in hog freaking heaven. Maybe I should take up knitting or something.

Anyway after an early dinner, Tom headed off to the poker room and I headed off to the room but then got distracted by the bells, lights and found a slot machine and played for a while. Since I am writing this post, it is obvious I didn't hit the jackpot and have to go back to work. Boo!

After losing my money, I went back up to room and decided not to get all dressed up because I wasn't even sure how the concert would be. I mean in 20 years, he might have come out with a walker and bored me to death. So I headed off. I knew I was going to the right place since all I saw walking toward the event center was a bunch of middle-aged women dressed like 20 year olds. It was not pretty folks, not pretty at all.

I got there just in time. Since Tom refused to go with me, I had an empty seat next to me. I looked around and I had 2 dead heads next to me and then some other women around me. There were men and older persons around. And when I say older I mean like in their 70's and 80's because I am almost 50 and Rick Springfield is 62.

A damn good looking 62. When he came out I was amazed at how good he actually looked. I couldn't believe that on stage was a man ready for early social security benefits. When he did come out the crowd went crazy. The others just sat there.

He sang a few of his new songs and I danced in my seat a little but was not really into it quite just yet. There were four women in front of me who stood up so I had to stand up. There were two women next to me who I knew would start dancing soon because they were already screaming when Rick came out.

When he broke some of the old classics, the crowd went crazy. That included me as well. We started dancing and singing and just having fun. It was good to be around people who were also inclined to dance around as well.

I have to say that for an old guy, Rick rocks. His voice was just like it was 20 something years ago and he knows how to put on a show. I also think he has come to terms that he plays casinos and cruise lines. He mocked the fact that he knew many of the people there had no freaking idea who he was. He joked about his age.

At the beginning of the show he encouraged the people in the front to come closer to the stage. I think it scared some of the non-Rick fans but soon I saw them rocking too so all was well.

I have to say that I had a freaking blast. The girls next to me came closer and we all danced and sang and screamed. I danced for about an hour straight and paid for it the next day.

I have been known to get a little crazy at concerts. I remember knocking down, I mean nudging, a few people to get to the front of the stage of a Bruce Springsteen concert in Costa Rica. And okay, maybe it's not a good thing when (hypothetically) you go to a Rolling Stones concert with your sister and years later her friend comes up to you and says OMG I remember you because you were totally out of control. Whatever, dude.

Anyway, when Rick sang Human Touch, he came out into the audience but not just the front rows but all the way up to the rafters.

This is where I ACCIDENTALLY groped Rick Springfield. He was all over the concert hall and decided to come down the my aisle. Because there were deadheads in the aisle he could easily maneuver down the row. But because I was standing up dancing and the girls next to me were as well, he jumped up on the chairs to come down the row. He had his hand out and grabbed mine and wobbled.

Now as any concerned citizen would do when someone stumbles I put my other hand out and accidentally touched his bum. Accidentally. I saved him from falling and possibly breaking his bones or cracking his head. I know many of you are like you are such a slutty groupie but that is not the case. I don't make it a habit of groping old men. The only old man I grope is my hubby, thank you very much.

Overall, I had the best time! By the time he sang Jessie's Girl as the last song, I think the whole place was standing up and dancing. I was even surprised he did an encore and sang two additional songs. I felt 20 again during the show. Of course, after I left and had to go find Tom, my back was already hurting, my feet hurt and I was sore. Oh how very sad it is getting old.

But if at 62, Rick can do this several times a week, I should suck it up. I cannot wait until he comes back to Cherokee again. I will be there with bells on! I would so see him again.

After the concert, I went to have a drink with Tom and I did tell him about how I tried to save Rick's life. He bought none of it. He was actually NOT surprised. WTF? I mean really, if I were going to really grope a guy it would be a young guy like Colin Farrell, hello!

I was just so glad I was able to go out for a Girl Night's Out. I say Girl because it was just me. But luckily, all the girls' at the concert were willing to dance and sing with just about any old gal there. That rocks.

Yes, I am sure many of you are mocking me at this moment but I say I am not ashamed at having a blast at Rick's concert! I wonder if Shaun or David Cassidy will ever tour again?

Friday, September 23, 2011

I've Done Everything For You. You've done Nothing for Me.

No I am not having a bitter moment. But if you know where this title is from then you are someone I should hang out with. If you don't, then you are probably too old, too young or don't know 80's pop music. It is actually the title of a Rick Springfield song.

This weekend I am off to the Harrah's Cherokee Casino to see Rick. I will end up going alone to the concert since Tom will not go because that's how he rolls. That's fine since we are spending the night anyway. We will have dinner together and then I go get to see Rick and Tom will go play poker and after the concert I will hit the casino floor. Everyone wins.

If I don't post next week most likely I have won a zillion dollars and have left town and am now living on a secluded island where you can't find me. If I post, be assured I lost my shirt on the slots.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Nicaraguan Art

This summer Tom went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua on vacation. Because I decided to go to BlogHer in San Diego, I didn't go with him. But he brought back some interesting pieces to add to our already very very eclectic art collection. I love the mask. It is so funky and goes with the other masks we have. We are so not religious but somehow we both love the angel and I am a cross fiend for some weird reason. I have tons of crosses that I have collected from all over.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Musings from Western North Carolina

I haven't been blogging much because there is NOTHING going on in my life right now. It is basically a snoozefest.

I guess that's good because I hate any type of drama. Basically, it is just work and home. Tom has been super duper busy as he gets during the school year so we don't do much because he has no time. At least next week, I have tickets to see Rick Springfield. Don't judge, people, don't judge. I have been a big fan of his for decades and listening to his music is one of my guilty pleasures. Tom refuses to go with me and that's okay. He will go play poker and I will get my dance on along with all the other middle-aged crazy women there to see Rick.

Fall is finally here in Western North Carolina. The leaves are turning and the cold is coming. I love love love Fall. It is my favorite time of the year but it also means that Winter is coming. I hate hate hate Winter. Ugh snow and cold. Boo.

But for now I am going to enjoy my tranquility because you never know when things can go pear shaped. I am also going to enjoy watching the leaves turn and appreciate all the Fall colors that are coming.

Our leaves are just starting to turn but the ones where I work are turning faster since it is colder up there. On my drive through the mountains every day to work, I am seeing splashes of yellow, orange and every so often up in the higher mountains, I see a random red tree. It is so beautiful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scout's New Bed

We actually bought this bed for Shawn because she was sleeping on the floors and we thought maybe it would make her more comfortable. She hated it. But Scout loved it and now it is in the living room. Every night she comes and sleeps there until we go to bed.

She is such a sweet baby!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance: 10 years later

This is sort of a repost from my 4th of July post because I talked about where we got this flag. I decided to tell the story again, 10 years later.

When I moved in with Tom he had a flag. We moved a few times and the flag disappeared. In 2001, we had moved to Boynton Beach, FL. So on 9-11-2001, we were without a flag to put out.

It was impossible to find flags after 9-11. We went out looking but to no avail. There was a little flag shop close to our house so a few days after 9-11, I was driving down the street after running errands and saw that the shop was opened. It had been closed for a few days but that day as I drove by, the owner was opening up.

I stopped and went to investigate. There were 2 people already on line when I walked in. Nobody spoke because we all knew why we were there and it was actually quite somber. As others realized the shop was open, they trickled in. We all waited our turn, placed our order and quietly went away.

I will always remember that the shop owner did not jack up the prices and was selling the flags for what he sold them before 9-11. I think we all appreciated that. When I walked out with my flag, there was a line out the door and cars lining the street. I was one of the lucky ones who got a flag.

This flag stayed out for months after 9-11. We flew it proudly. It has traveled with us ever since. For 10 years we have flown it on every holiday and every 9-11.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, I'm in Love!

I love this song. I am not a huge Cure fan but this has to be one of my favorite songs ever.

I have to say that every time I hear this song I just want to get up and dance! And I love this video because it is exactly how I feel when I hear this music. I want to frolic, dance and throw a straight jacket on! So enjoy a little Cure this morning as I celebrate Friday!

**Please note, you might have to click through You Tube to see the video but if you have never heard this song or watched the video, I say do it! Have a little fun this Friday!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sort of Wordless Wednesday - This is my 500th post

This my 500th post!! I started this blog 2.5 years ago when we moved here to Sylva, NC. It kept me sane while I looked for a job. It opened my eyes to a whole new world I had never ever known was out there. I have made new friends and had some great experiences because of this blog and my other blog as well.

For my 500th post, I decided to post links to some of my favorite posts. It was hard choosing my top 10 and I cheated a little but here they are.

1) This is my all time favorite. Tom and his buddies try to kill me and I almost die. I escaped though.
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2) This is our wedding post. Who wouldn't want a wedding like this?
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Some childhood memory posts that I love. And somehow they all seem to involve food, go figure:
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6) So many people ask me about the little girl on my blogs that I had to explain it:
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7) Ever wonder why my other blog is called The Art of Random Willynillyness? There is a story behind that.
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8 ) Things I learned living in the South:
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9) I was almost killed by a Demented Jester on Halloween:
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10) A fun post:
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Bonus: One of my favorite baby pictures:
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There are so many other great posts I like but I didn't want to get carried away. Hope you take the time to go read some of my 499 posts! Enjoy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I find it ironic that on Labor Day, we don't have to labor.

Have a good day if you have it off and even if you don't. We have lots of rain and gloom today. But there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon going on and I am all over that! We'll see how long Tom will allow me to watch it before he puts his foot down and makes me switch the channel.

He is not a bloodsucker lover like me.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Weekend Musings

We decided to actually do something this weekend. We have not gotten into a routine after this summer since it was a little crazy. With the long weekend, we actually have time to do things.

We decided to head out to an Indian Crafts Festival but that was a bust. It was the saddest little festival ever although a few vendors had some really nice crafts. We didn't buy anything though.

After the festival we went into Waynesville because we had to buy forks. Yes, I said forks. For some ungodly reason, we have noticed that in the past few weeks our forks are missing. WTH? Literally, we have no forks. I think we might have like 4-5 left. We have knives and spoons up the ying-yang but no damn forks. The other day I had to eat my spaghetti with a salad fork and that was not cool.

I had a Kmart gift card so we decided to go there. Now I am not a hater but I don't like Kmart. They really need to update the stores and get it together but they did have forks. Well, they didn't have just forks so we bought a whole new set of utensils.

Then we had lunch at a new Mexican restaurant that was good but not great. Then we took a drive and ended up at Jack the Dipper here in Sylva. This is one of the best ice cream shops around. The have homemade waffle cones that are to die for. Yummo!

We actually considered going to a movie but Tom was tired so we came back home. We might go back tomorrow and see The Help. I saw it when I was in San Diego but it is so good, I would go see it again.

I realized at home that this summer was a weirdo summer. I was really busy at the beginning of summer with my event at work and then right after that, I had to plan for the event in San Diego. At that point, Shawn was getting really sick and we had to deal with that. Then Tom went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and I left for San Diego. And when we both were back home together, we had to deal with the Shawn issue. And before we could say Boo, the summer was over.

Our garden is an unholy mess. Although there are a few random tomatoes still holding on. The garden was great and we fed a zillion people, but we never had the time to keep up with it. I was also not able to put up as many tomatoes as I would have liked.

We also realized that it is time to hunker down for Fall and Winter. As we were driving around the mountains, we can see the leaves changing colors already. I love Fall so I am looking forward to it but know that right around the corner is Winter. I hate hate hate Winter.

The rest of the weekend will probably be just hanging out and relaxing. I have to clean the house and I know Tom has to deal with the garden. Thank goodness it is a long weekend.