Friday, September 23, 2011

I've Done Everything For You. You've done Nothing for Me.

No I am not having a bitter moment. But if you know where this title is from then you are someone I should hang out with. If you don't, then you are probably too old, too young or don't know 80's pop music. It is actually the title of a Rick Springfield song.

This weekend I am off to the Harrah's Cherokee Casino to see Rick. I will end up going alone to the concert since Tom will not go because that's how he rolls. That's fine since we are spending the night anyway. We will have dinner together and then I go get to see Rick and Tom will go play poker and after the concert I will hit the casino floor. Everyone wins.

If I don't post next week most likely I have won a zillion dollars and have left town and am now living on a secluded island where you can't find me. If I post, be assured I lost my shirt on the slots.


  1. I don't mind doing stuff alone, but a concert? Girl, you're brave! I hope that old coot croons his little heart out to you. Have fun!