Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Weekend Musings

We decided to actually do something this weekend. We have not gotten into a routine after this summer since it was a little crazy. With the long weekend, we actually have time to do things.

We decided to head out to an Indian Crafts Festival but that was a bust. It was the saddest little festival ever although a few vendors had some really nice crafts. We didn't buy anything though.

After the festival we went into Waynesville because we had to buy forks. Yes, I said forks. For some ungodly reason, we have noticed that in the past few weeks our forks are missing. WTH? Literally, we have no forks. I think we might have like 4-5 left. We have knives and spoons up the ying-yang but no damn forks. The other day I had to eat my spaghetti with a salad fork and that was not cool.

I had a Kmart gift card so we decided to go there. Now I am not a hater but I don't like Kmart. They really need to update the stores and get it together but they did have forks. Well, they didn't have just forks so we bought a whole new set of utensils.

Then we had lunch at a new Mexican restaurant that was good but not great. Then we took a drive and ended up at Jack the Dipper here in Sylva. This is one of the best ice cream shops around. The have homemade waffle cones that are to die for. Yummo!

We actually considered going to a movie but Tom was tired so we came back home. We might go back tomorrow and see The Help. I saw it when I was in San Diego but it is so good, I would go see it again.

I realized at home that this summer was a weirdo summer. I was really busy at the beginning of summer with my event at work and then right after that, I had to plan for the event in San Diego. At that point, Shawn was getting really sick and we had to deal with that. Then Tom went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and I left for San Diego. And when we both were back home together, we had to deal with the Shawn issue. And before we could say Boo, the summer was over.

Our garden is an unholy mess. Although there are a few random tomatoes still holding on. The garden was great and we fed a zillion people, but we never had the time to keep up with it. I was also not able to put up as many tomatoes as I would have liked.

We also realized that it is time to hunker down for Fall and Winter. As we were driving around the mountains, we can see the leaves changing colors already. I love Fall so I am looking forward to it but know that right around the corner is Winter. I hate hate hate Winter.

The rest of the weekend will probably be just hanging out and relaxing. I have to clean the house and I know Tom has to deal with the garden. Thank goodness it is a long weekend.


  1. This post is so funny, because my girlfriend just told me the same thing, all her forks are missing!!!!
    I was like, who loses forks? Not like you take them places and leave them? Ill let her know, she is not alone!

    I can't wait until the help is on dvd, I want to see it!

  2. I'll admit, I giggled a bit when I read that the craft festival "was the saddest little festival ever"...I pictured it all small and alone, with a party hat...I know, clearly I have an overactive imagination.
    As for Kmart, I agree, why don't they spiff the place up a little?