Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Quickie Weekend Trip

I haven't posted for a few days because I couldn't. On Friday we left to go to Cleveland for surprise party for Tom's mom. Because she reads the blog, I couldn't say that we were leaving town. So Friday we headed off to Cleveland.

The drive is about 10 hours. We left early but made it to Cleveland by 5 or 6pm. We got a hotel room and then went out to dinner and then crashed early since we were both tired from our drive.

Saturday we were able to sleep in a little then we went for a drive to downtown Cleveland. I hadn't been downtown for a few years. We didn't have time to do much since we wanted to have lunch at our favorite place: Skyline Chili.

Okay, if you never had Skyline Chili, I am sad for you. It is the best fast food ever. I remember the first time Tom took me there I was like WTF? what is this dump. But he said I would love it and I did.

Skyline serves a chili on spaghetti then topped with a pile of delicious cheese. It also has these tiny hot dogs called coneys. I was a little leery at first but then I tasted that delightful concoction and was in hog freaking heaven. Now we can't get enough.

Okay, my stomach was still a little iffy from the stomach virus earlier in the week but damn if I was not going to have my Skyline Chili. My tummy paid for it but it was so delicious. We even bought some canned Skyline so I can make coneys and spaghetti at home.

After lunch we headed to Tom's mom's house where some of the family members were already setting up. Her sister, Eileen, had taken her out to keep her away. When they returned, Jeanne was really surprised.

It was a nice affair. I hadn't been to Cleveland for a few years and
hadn't seen the extended family in a lot of years. It is always nice to see Tom's aunts and my new nieces and nephews (since we got married) because I don't have any nieces or nephews on my side of the family.

There is also a new baby in the family. I don't like babies but this little girl is the cutest thing ever. And there will be two weddings coming up. Family reunions are always a good place for new news.

After the party, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had to drive back to North Carolina. The drive was long but uneventful. We have done this drive so many times that it gets a little boring after a few hours.

I do have to say that we listened to the audiobook: Columbine by Dave Cullen. OMG what a fantastic book. I totally recommend it!

We made it home safely and our baby was good. I think she totally missed us though!


  1. I was waiting to read you went to the rock and roll hall of fame, so I could ask you how bad you thought it sucked. lol I live here and I was shocked i had never been, until I went. I'll never go back.

    Were you here for the snow we got?

  2. Too cute!! Love that expression on her face.

  3. What a great visit! :)